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Wet Floor Fall Accidents

Whenever a cautionary measure that is simple, such as sign placement, can prevent injuries, it is crucial for owners of the property to do what is responsible in offering a safe setting for visitors, residents, and customers.

Attorneys for wet floor fall accidents have handled numerous cases where clients sustained injuries that were preventable due to others neglecting to administer the most straightforward measures in maintaining safety.

By holding liable those property owners, attorneys can make certain that you recover the financial damages entitled to you, and that incidents that are similar won’t occur subsequently.

Wet Floors and Preventative Measures

When cleaning that is routine leads to slippery and wet floors, and moisture or leaks develop inside due to inclement weather, the owners of the property must be well aware of the likelihood of problems, and take necessary accidents that can limit any risk of wet floor fall accidents.

Additional results of slippery or wet floors can entail the lack of drains in the floor in areas which accumulate water, HVAC problems or flooding due to plumbing, and flooring materials that do not have appropriate traction.

The following are ways owners can limit any risk of sustained injuries:

Wet floor is being marked off with signage so that residents, visitors, and customers know of any risks, and walk with care.

The placement of mats for absorbing moisture or carpets in areas that are high traffic inside during times of rain, snow, and ice.

The use of materials that are non-slip like treading or tape.

Materials of high traction can be implemented as well into the building design, so that any problem can be addressed from the time of construction of the building.

The placement of floor drains in areas which accumulate water to restrict any amount of snow, ice, or water which can accumulate.

A prompt cleaning of any spills, such as when a store product falls from the shelf and the liquid fills up the island.

The repair and report of any leaks which can cause flooding of staircases are hallways.

Essentially, it is not acceptable that individuals suffer debilitating and excruciating injuries because of an inability of the owner of the property to take simple steps to safeguard individuals who visit or live on the property.

The majority of slips and falls happen as a result of minor injuries in public locations, but how a person falls, the age of that individual, and various factors can result in catastrophic injuries such as internal bleeding, broken bones, head or neck trauma, or spine and back injuries.

Any treatment of these types of injuries may require long-term medical care, and in several cases the victim may even sustain permanent disability, such as a complex spine injury or traumatic brain injury.

This can add insult to injury when the individual becomes sidelined from work, and may be necessary to pay exorbitant healthcare bills.

A premises liability attorney normally has specialized knowledge and experience and what floor fall accident; he or she may be able to maximize any value of your legal case to make certain that your present and subsequent needs are for filled through recovery of damages on your behalf.

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