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Inadequate Lighting Accidents

Property owners throughout New Hampshire have a responsibility to provide an environment that is reasonably safe for individuals on their premises lawfully.

They have a responsibility to administer inspections on a routine basis, and warn about or repair any conditions unsafe, which can include inadequate lighting.

If you become hurt in a phone due to an adequate lighting on the property of someone else, you may have a legal claim for monetary compensation.

A personal injury attorney with ample experience can evaluate the facts of your legal case, and assist you in pursuing your monetary claim for damages.

Of another party, the owner of the property, such as an entity which leases the space, may be held liable legally for you sustained injuries.

Personal injury inadequate lighting attorneys are experienced in premises liability, and understand the law, and how to document properly and argue effectively this type of legal claim.

The most effective attorneys recover millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for clients who have sustained injuries due to the negligence of at-fault parties.

Inadequate lighting accidents occur due to poor lighting. Trip-and-fall, or slip-and-fall accidents, which can cause injuries or fatalities, or a typical occurrence in unlit or poorly lit stairways, parking lots, rooms, and hallways.

Difficult to see, without adequate lighting, where you happen to go, can change in the pavement, obstacles in your way, and stairway steps as well can be missed easily. Inadequate lighting in a parking lot could cause an individual to trip or slip on ice, an uneven concrete or broken pavement.

Bulbs in hallways which are burnt out can cause individuals to trip over obstacles, which may be lying on the floor. A victim could miss one step, or even fall down the stairs, or have difficulty to see debris on the staircase, and even slip due to poor lighting in a staircase.

Injuries Suffered in Poor Lighting Accidents

From either slipping or tripping, falls are among the most typical inadequate lighting accidents.

The second leading cause worldwide of accidental death are falls, according to the World Health Organization.

Suffered injuries due to falls caused by poor lighting may include the following: spinal cord injury; traumatic brain injury; hip fractures; facial injuries; neck and back injury; strains and sprains; bruises; lacerations; and broken bones.

Although falls are the most typical, other kinds of injuries and accidents can also result due to unlit or poorly lit premises. Collisions, for example, with other individuals or objects can happen when visibility is restricted.

If your inadequate lighting accidents were caused by negligence, and if it happened on the property of someone else, the owner of the property may be held liable legally for your sustained injuries caused by the accident.

A tenant, in several cases, leasing or renting the property, or another individual other than the owner may be held negligent legally for your sustained injuries.

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