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Trampoline Accident & Injuries

Over 1 million trampolines are in use in recreational facilities and homes across the United States.

In comparison to other kinds of children’s toys, unfortunately, trampoline-related injuries are at a vastly higher rate when evaluated on a basis in use of time.

Personal injury trampoline accident attorneys can assist individuals to recover major recoveries for those injured on trampolines at trampoline parks or at the home of someone else.

The number of young people to sustain an injury on a trampoline continue to increase annually. This has happened over the last decade.

Recently, injuries related to trampolines account for about 100,000 visits to the hospital emergency room.

Children 15 years old and younger comprise the largest contingency, which accounts for over 80% of sustained injuries.

Many injuries on a trampoline attribute to: protective devices that are missing; trampolines and properly assembled; falling from the platform of a trampoline; lack of supervision construction; and too many individuals at one time using a trampoline, and crashing into another.

Nearly 50% of trampoline injuries caused body fractures.

A disconcerting fact is that more than 10% of injuries were spinal cord-related, where an individual with a disabling sustained injury (paraplegia or quadriplegia) may lose a complete or partial use permanently of legs or arms.

Trampoline Safety Tips

To diminish the chance of injury, health experts suggest we do the following:

Use trampolines with adult supervision only.

Only one person should be allowed at a time on the trampoline.

Never permit children under the age of six to use any trampoline.

Only jump on the trampoline in the center.

Trampolines should be not be used for somersaults, flips, or splits. Only for jumps.

A fence should be constructed around the trampoline for children to avoid using the trampoline without supervision from adults.

When parts are missing or become corroded, discard or repair the trampoline.

Many sustained injuries from trampolines happen at a home of a friend, recreational facility, or camp covered under an insurance policy of liability to cover medical-related expenses and disability results.

You will probably have questions about the property owner’s liability if your child were to suffer an injury on a trampoline.

When the negligence of a homeowner or trampoline park is held liable for the result of a sustained injury on a trampoline, or other equipment of recreation, the innocent party may file a claim against the insurer, or ensure a lawsuit is filed in court for both non-economic and economic damages of the child.

Damages that are economic would be any financial expense related to lost wages or medical treatment sustained previously or will incur within reason subsequently.

Damages that are non-economic can refer to intangible losses like disfigurement, pain, and any inability to enjoy specific tasks.

Choosing an attorney in a trampoline injury case to represent you is a highly crucial decision that is apt to have an impact directly on the outcome of the lawsuit.

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