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Casino Accidents

Accidents in hotels can entail everything from assault and battery, bedbugs, and slip, trip and falls to foodborne illness.

The most esteemed and experienced attorneys specialize in claims related to hotels, as many have sued a number of casinos and hotels.

Accidents typically involve every department, which includes the casino, restaurants, valet, walkways, show venues, and hotel rooms.

Activities of crime are typically problematic when no personnel in a hotel can predict necessarily, however, particular events which may recur, and become able to foresee which creates liability for a casino. This is becoming habitual in cases due to negligent security.

As for digital tape, camera, and video recording, security equipment is normally linked to the eye in the sky in the casino, as a safeguard of the casino against cheating patrons.

It protects the casino, in addition, in the incident of a crime, whether it be a car bomb or robbery, as it records incidents which occur within the premises.

Many a victim believes the accident must have captured footage because of all the sophisticated equipment. However, this is not always the scenario. Hotels possess a duty to preserve and protect evidence.

For example, in 1987, a particular case was the beginning of an array of cases which set up consequences for destroying evidence.

The hotels and casinos, therefore, must preserve reports of any video which contain accidents. Otherwise, the case will risk being dismissed.

Photographs, Footage and the Incident Report

Facts regarding the accident are typically preserved in an incident report that is normally drafted and assembled by the security throughout the hotel.

Typically, these items are not revealed to the victim. Internally, they are held by casino management.

To obtain these documents, a lawsuit must be filed.

At times, payment of medical expenses is promised by hotel management after injuries are sustained.

Victims are often rushed, when an acute injury occurs, to the medical clinic in-house, which is managed and owned by the hotel.

Normally, these charges are taken on for obvious reasons by the hotelier.

When a victim returns home, normally, they are overwhelmed with medical expenses they struggle to pay.

An accident injury is normally covered by health insurance. However, few men and women in America have the means to afford such coverage.

Individuals who sustain injuries and wish to settle personal claims can experience many risks. Normally, the victim is merely ignored upon their return home.

For men and women fortunate to receive such an offer, it is typically followed by “release of claims.” This can forever and permanently release the claim.

A legal professional should review any release that is signed.

It is typical to receive false promises regarding any claim, especially when someone promises medical expenses will be paid.

Usually, the calls are not returned, and there is no proof of any promise.

Naturally, false promises are illegal.

It is also illegal for anyone to suggest you do not need to seek an attorney.

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