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Apartment Swimming Pool Drownings

The leading cause of death across the states for young children is drowning.

Children in the thousands have died or sustained catastrophic brain damage due to defects of pool gates and fences, defects of drains, and defects of pumps in pools.

It takes an attorney with experience to represent families in lawsuits dealing with many of these safety lapses.

The issue of pool gates and fences that are not maintained well is a major concern due to so many children drowning in pools each year.

The best attorneys develop a niche of representing individuals who sustained injuries, or die as a result of hazardous swimming pool drains, as well as negligent maintenance and supervision of pool safety barriers.

Pools can provide abundant fun, the opportunity to enjoy the water with family and friends, and much desired relief from intense heat.

When an apartment complex, sadly, fails to maintain properly its spas and pools, or offer the assured security, sustained accidents or injuries can occur.

You have the expectation as a guest or resident that the management of the apartment has been completely responsible in offering safety and maintenance.

A catastrophic drowning, near drowning or accident alters a break of delight into an incident with horrific consequences.

It is crucial to contact a drowning accident personal injury lawyer following such an incident for esteemed legal assistance.

The apartment complex may have passed safety inspection initially, but that doesn’t mean necessarily the pool will always be in top condition.

Over time, pool gates and fences may become shoddy, and neglect to keep children outside of the pool securely.

Many a child is attracted to swimming, and can be at risk without adult supervision when they have access to a pool.

Children can fall into the pool water, and not be able to reach for safety. I’m falling in the pool, they may sustain a head injury to cause unconsciousness, which can quickly result in being deprived of oxygen to cause death or brain injury.

This type of accident can cause a permanent injury or extensive disability to a child, which may require long-term medical treatment.

A personal injury attorney may discover there are some liable parties, such as apartment managers, building owners, the maintenance company of the pool, and manufacturers or installers of the gate or fence.

Approximately 10 individuals die daily from inadvertent drowning, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Over half of those who survive drowning require medical treatment or hospitalization.

Those who sustained injuries may have catastrophic brain damage, which causes disabilities for a lifetime, or results in a loss of mobility and consciousness that is permanent.

With an appropriate amount of lifeguards on staff, public pools should be well maintained.

To keep out trespassers and children, private pools should be surrounded by barriers.

A personal injury drowning accident attorney can ensure a claim for sustained damages and injuries entails likely future treatment and medical expenses, which include rehabilitation and physical therapy, as well as connected damages and other necessary costs.

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