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Defective Pool Gate Drownings

Safety in the pool is not about measures which are taken during hours at a swimming pool, but also accident prevention during off hours when staff is unable to come to the rescue of a child that is injured.

State swimming pool laws can require that every pool in public is surrounded by a gate to fulfill specifications stipulated in the state administrative code.

Pool gates with defects that don’t follow these stipulations can result in a drowning or an accident if the child was harmed in an attempt to climb the gate, or if that child gained access while the swimming area was not attended.

Proper gates can prevent injuries. The first question that should be asked whenever a pool accident that results in sustained injuries occurs, is whether this incident could’ve been prevented, and if the facility owner took the necessary measures of safety.

While the facility is closed and members of the staff are not able to supervise the pool, and provide safety for guests, pool gates are there to keep individuals out of the swimming area.

These pool gates, under state law, must be approximately four feet in height, no taller than four inches from the ground. They are supposed to be designed so they are not able to be climbed, as a primary measure to keep out small children when the pool is closed.

Pool Gates with Defects Cause Injuries

Gates that neglect to keep out people or that don’t lock properly can fail to prevent serious injuries on the grounds or in the swimming pool.

Sustained injuries can entail electrocution in the incident of adverse elements, injuries to the neck or head, drowning, and breaking bones during a trip and fall.

The pool gate can cause injury if it falls down while someone attempts to climb it, or if the gate material causes danger to an individual who tries to jump the gate.

Pool injuries that are sustained can require costly care for a lifetime after an accident. Namely if there is trauma to the neck or head, or if a victim was short of oxygen for a long time duration.

If your child had access to a public or private pool, and as a result, sustained injuries, it is crucial to discuss legal options with a swimming pool personal injury attorney to decide if sustained injuries could’ve been avoided.

The best attorneys have the experience and knowledge to protect your interests, and provide results to hold negligent pool owners liable.

If you or a family member received injuries or someone died in a catastrophe involving a missing or defective swimming pool fence, immediately contact a personal injury attorney.

He or she can answer your questions, provide an evaluation, and legally inform you regarding your rights.

An attorney will do everything within his or her power, rest assured, to collect every dollar of compensation entitled to you.

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