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Child Drowning Accidents

An ideal and enjoyable way for children to relish the balmy summer months is swimming. However, a lack of appropriate measures of pool safety can result in drowning or injury.

Whenever a child sustains injuries in a public swimming pool, inquiring minds want to know about what causes the pool accident, and whether the owner of the pool considered all necessary measures to safeguard the child in the pool.

If a pool accident is caused by lack of proper staff on board, poor practices of safety, safety hazards knowingly ignored, or lack of suitable entrances and gates, then the owner of the pool can be held liable because of negligence.

Many injuries can lead to hospitalization because of pool accidents that could’ve been prevented with suitable supervision.

It is lawful for public pools to be staffed appropriately with qualified lifeguards whenever children under sixteen years of age are present.

Lifeguards on board can reduce or prevent the catastrophic nature of sustained pool injuries in an accident during the following:

A child makes an attempt to dive into the pool on the shallow end, which can result in severe trauma to the spine, head and neck.

Following these injuries, a child may even drown in the water. The presence of a qualified lifeguard could prevent the occurrence of the accident, or save the life of the child.

A small child slips into the pool and struggles to swim.

These are common accidents in the pool. A qualified lifeguard would have the ability to save a drowning child.

Children can cause one another injury in the pool by hazing one another, or rough housing.

The pool owner could be held liable if there is a lack of lifeguard staff to step in and attend to safety issues.

Keeping Children Out When Pool is Closed

Swimming pool codes across the states dictate that pool gates be approximately four feet in height. Entrances must be closing and self-latching to prevent small kids from making their way into an unattended pool area.

Often, it is the case a child drowns because he or she entered an unattended pool area, and the requirements of the gate are specifically designed to keep smaller kids from inadvertently wandering into a pool area.

During the off hours at a pool, if your child sustained injuries, it is crucial to seek legal advice from an esteemed pool accident personal injury attorney to decide whether the owner of a pool did everything he or she could to prevent the occurrence.

Immediately seek advice from an attorney with experience related to child drowning lawsuits.

A personal injury drowning accident attorney can investigate the death or injury of your child, and determine if the cause was negligence.

A team of attorneys and experts can advise you on all your legal rights and options.

An attorney will evaluate your case properly if you retain our services. He or she will notify you on what to expect exactly as you move forward.

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