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Balcony Railing Accidents

Sudden collapses and failed railings can catch guests and apartment residents off guard. This is because the typical assumption is that a property is properly maintained whenever you rent, and safe to inhabit.

Change in weather conditions, neglect, and years of wear and tear can result in railings and balconies losing any integrity in structure, which can eventually lead to failure.

Bolts and screws to bolster the railing can become rusty because of years of precipitation and neglect. Rust eats its way through metal and loosens it.

When a guest or resident leans against railings, bolts or screws can snap. The victim and railing can fall off the edge.

Guests and tenants subject balconies to excessive and vast use by an overload on the balcony with property or individuals.

When someone moves out of an apartment, the next tenant may acquire a balcony which may be heading for a collapse.

Without any knowledge of the impact of their actions to impact the structural integrity, residents may be the cause of severe wear and tear on balconies.

Apartment management may not offer appropriate warnings. Management may be held liable when tenants unwittingly overload the balconies.

When management or the property owner doesn’t perform routine maintenance or inspections to make sure the integrity of structure of balconies remain intact.

Many accidents of railings can be prevented by mere maintenance, and replacement of defective parts.

Defective Balconies and Sustained Injuries

Sustained injuries from accidents on balconies are typically catastrophic and serious.

The victim, in most cases, is fully unaware of the accidents and issues that occur without signs of warning.

Objects of the ground and height of the balcony can play a major role in the catastrophe of sustained injuries. The prognosis is hardly positive for victims.

Sustained injuries in these incidents entail the following:

Shattered bones or joints and fractures; impact from a fall from overwhelming heights is nearly always likely to cause broken bones.

Costly surgeries and painful treatments may be necessary if the fractures are catastrophic or set in or near joints load bearing. 

It is likely, of the victim hits his or her head, to endure traumatic brain injuries, which have an extensive impact on memory, motor function, cognitive functions and speech.

With injuries to backs and spines, a number of victims of railing accidents or balcony collapses sustain injuries upon impact, which as a result, may become impaired physically.

In the incident that the sustained injury can be treated, it will usually result in among more costly surgeries prior to an extensive period of excruciating rehabilitation.

The care for a paraplegic in a lifetime can cost millions of dollars.

Namely if broken bones with acute edges result in internal damage, blunt trauma can cause injuries internally.

The spleen, upon impact, can rupture, and broken ribs can cause a puncture in lungs.

Internal injuries and the hidden danger may not be detected until they are proven to cause catastrophic harm to vital organs.

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