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Stairway Fall Accidents

From large fire escapes two homes with two stories, we see stairs practically everywhere. This include escalators, moving stairways, and transitions between rooms.

These are common in our daily lives, but at times, we forget how hazardous they can be, namely when an individual allows for a condition that’s not safe to exist on stairways.

You deserve full compensation and trusted representation for sustained injuries. An attorney with experience can assist you to work towards your entitled compensation.

The best attorneys are committed to excellence, and normally possess an excellent track record for success with previous clients.

These kinds of personal injuries are more usual than most individuals can expect.

Stairways that are indoors and outdoors are vastly common areas for slip or trip and fall injuries.

Statistics for Stairway Falls

More than 1 million injuries occur annually due to stairway falls.

Accidents on stairways and staircases are the second leading cause of sustained injuries, with motor vehicle accidents being first.

As for annual accident deaths, there are approximately 12,000 stairway fatalities.

These statistics remind us that the mere use of a simple stairway can be hazardous.

When you take a spill down the stairs, over 100 pounds of body weight fall along with you.

You can easily break your back or neck, or arm or leg.

For the average individual, this means these statistics prove that a fall down a staircase, stairwell and stairs are catastrophic in daily life.

The majority of these falls are the result of a host of types of negligence, such as faulty or damaged steps; hazardous stair risers; inferior or improper lighting; defects in handrails or railings; or defects in the stairway, stairwell or stairs.

Naturally, staircases and stairs are present in a number of environments, such as: homes, apartment buildings, workplaces, and restaurants, bars, and other commercial establishments.

If you have sustained an injury due to falling down a staircase, stairwell or stairway, immediately contact an experienced personal injury attorney.

Property owners have a legal obligation to inspect regularly their property for dangers, and to correct them, and warn individuals of any hazards or defects.

Private home guests, under the law, can be protected as well.

Owners of property who invite friends onto the property, and into their dwellings, are obligated to rectify any hazards or defects on the property of which they know, or about these hazards warn their guests.

Property owners, for example, who have any reason to be aware of trespassers stepping foot on the property are required to warn legally such trespassers of imminent dangers, which may exist on the property.

Whether businesses or homeowners, if property owners breach any legal responsibilities, they are normally held liable for fall accidents and occurrences.

You can recover full compensation for sustained injuries, lost wages, suffering and pain, medical bills, and other losses if you can prove negligence resulted in your stairway fall accident.

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