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Condominium Accident & Injuries

It is the duty and responsibility of a condominium association to make sure that the premises is always safe of dangers and hazards for all visitors and residents.

Condominium and homeowner associations are governed where laws require owners of property, and managers to maintain and upkeep the condominium property by state statute.

The condominium association can be held liable legally for any negligent action as a result of an injury, harm, or an accident to others.

Many accident claims at a condominium entail severe injuries which occur due to:

Leaky pipes; malfunctions in an elevator; leaking or falling ceilings; electrocution and exposed electricity; negligent hiring of staff, contractors, subcontractors, and workers on-site; stairway falls; accident on the playground; defective or missing railing; surfaces that are uneven; health problems due to toxic mold exposure; lack of maintenance; lack of security; decks with defects; physical and sexual assault; violations of city and state safety codes; accidents on parking lots due to oily and slippery surfaces; and neglecting to follow state local, national building codes.

Injuries at Condo Buildings of Slip and Fall

The most usual type of accident injuries at condominiums involve incidents of slip and fall where visitors and residents lose footing on icy, wet, oily, slippery, or slick surfaces.

These kinds of accidents can occur in a variety of locations throughout the property of a condominium, which includes cluttered hallways, ramps, doorways, or any surface that is unstable.

Victims sustain a host of injuries which includes brain trauma, broken bones, serious head lacerations, spinal cord injury, lower back injury, bruising, and sprained ankles and wrists.

If a resident or visitor of the condominium has a slip and fall accident on the premises, and suffers mild to catastrophic injuries, they will probably have a cause to file a personal injury lawsuit or claim action against the condominium association.

The cause of action can confirm the victim receives full compensation to cover a host of losses and damages, which includes:

Medical bills and hospitalization; compensation for any lost income and an inability to earn any wages in the future; suffering and pain, mental anguish and emotional trauma; and the cost of medications, physical therapy, cost of rehabilitation and procedures.

If the victim became deceased due to a condominium accident, the surviving loved ones have the lawful right to file a claim or lawsuit of wrongful death.

If you have sustained severe injuries as a result of a condominium accident, it is crucial to seek out immediate medical attention.

It is vital, once under the care of a physician, to employ the skills of a respected personal injury attorney who manages cases involving accidents in condominiums.

A successful lawsuit or claim for compensation will stipulate gathering evidence, filing complete paperwork, building a solid case for compensation, and speaking to witnesses.

Personal injury lawyers will take the necessary legal steps to make certain you are compensated fully for sustained injuries caused by negligence on behalf of the condominium association.

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