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Inadequate Security Injury

No employer or business desires for patrons or employees to be harmed, or crime to arise on the premises.

Wanting and doing something, however, are two different actions.

Research indicates that efficient security is the result of providing landscape, location and lighting. The more effective the security is, the less likely for a criminal to succeed.

Inadequate security can entail neglecting to offer these and various protections like an alarm system, security and fencing patrol, security equipment, and door locks.

Most security settlements and verdicts due to negligence are the result of assault and battery, at nearly 45%. The remaining lawsuits entail rape and sexual assault, at 26%, wrongful death, at approximately 15%, robbery, at 9%, and miscellaneous cases of arson, carjacking, home invasion, as well as false imprisonment, at nearly 5%.

Granted, no environment is 100% safe. However, property owners and businesses are stipulated by law to anticipate reasonably likely dangers to employees, visitors and patrons.

Attorneys with experience collaborate with premises liability experts of great skill to fight for your rights as a sustained injury victim, as well as killed loved ones due to assault while being on the property of another.

Esteemed personal injury attorneys have great success in winning negligent and inadequate security lawsuits across the region.

The best lawyers fight back to hold commercial property owners and businesses liable for negligent security.

The Liability of Negligent Security

Under state laws of premises liability, a possessor, property owner or business has several lawful obligations to supply security to those who step foot on their property for business purposes.

Legal duties entail the following: the use of reasonable care to discover imminent dangers on premises; the use of reasonable care for safely maintaining a healthy environment for visitors; taking the necessary steps to resolve or correct adequately a hazardous condition; and warming visitors of any hidden hazards they may not be aware of, otherwise, in the use of reasonable care.

Inadequate or negligent security is when the owner of a property is held liable for at least one of these lawful duties.

Negligent security cases, specifically, revolve commonly around the ability to foresee harm or injury which occurs due to armed robbery, molestation, sexual assault, criminal assault, and other criminal acts on a commercial property.

The plaintiff, typically, in a negligent security lawsuit is the sustained injury party due to criminal action; that individual or individuals filed a claim against the property manager, owner or operator.

Normally, the defendants are individuals or businesses in the responsible position to reduce the likelihood of harm, or prevent danger to the injured party, but failed in action due to negligence.

“Who was at-fault” is the recurring action.

It must be determined, in order for liability to be assigned, if danger was imminent, or should’ve been foreseen, and if reasonable care was managed.

The ability to foresee is the key method to determine proximate cause.

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