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Bounce House Accident

When a child or even a grown-up is injured in an inflatable accident, an event or fun party can quickly become a catastrophe.

It is never anyone’s intention to become injured while having a fun time in a jump house. However, this equipment is ripe for severe injuries; safety is typically thought about only afterward.

In the northeast of the United States, bounce houses are quite trendy for birthday parties for children, and other special occasions.

This trend, to no surprise, has become more popular as the rate of accidents and insurance claims related to bounce houses have increased dramatically.

Injuries sustained associated with these incidents can be quite catastrophic. Any medical bills from an inflatable house injury can usually amount to dollars in the hundreds of thousands or even more.

Whether the injuries are from rentals of bounce houses, privately owned inflatables, or facilities, it can make a difference when approaching a lawsuit.

The most typical bounce houses are ones which are rented, delivered from rental companies, and set up on the behalf of the client.

It is crucial, however, to consider that accidents in bounce houses are not restricted to the variety of rentals. Much of the increase in injuries related to inflatable houses can be attributed to established facilities of bounce houses, which are populated throughout New Hampshire and surrounding areas.

When choosing a facility to attend, or bounce house to rent, it is crucial to challenge the safety record and reputation of the company.

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that several entities are much more effective and experienced in bounce houses. The safety sacrifice is hardly worth available savings.

Injuries in Bounce Houses

In a hospital emergency room, children in the thousands are treated annually for a bounce house injury. In one year alone, over 10,000 children can be treated similarly.

These annual statistics are alarming, and they suggest that these numbers will continually increase for the impending future.

About three percent of accidents in inflatable houses cause hospital visits because of broken bones, based on research by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Over a third of those bounce house sustained injuries occurred among kids who were age 5 or less. A vast portion of the bone injuries were catastrophic and resulted in major surgery.

It is extremely crucial, when hosting an inflatable house, that the individual renting is aware of his or her legal responsibility.

Be aware that facilities which rent inflatable castles and similar equipment usually stipulate that the renter signs a waiver.

Facilities of inflatable houses are similar in this regard, and won’t offer service to individuals who refuse to sign.

The consumer accepts the risk associated with the bounce house activity, when he or she signs a waiver. Therefore, the company isn’t liable any longer.

An attorney may recommend having parents of children attending sign a waiver that is similar, when hosting a birthday bounce house party, or the like.

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