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Restaurant Slip & Fall Accident

The result of injuries from slip and/or trip and fall accidents has to be among the most frequent reasons for assertion of claims against restaurants by customers.

Catastrophic injuries such as torn ligaments, brain injuries, and broken bones can result from conditions that are not safe in restaurants.

With policies and proper training, many of these establishments can easily prevent accidents.

Many restaurants, unfortunately, ranging from fast food joints to five-star restaurants neglect to take the necessary measures to maintain floor safety, which can lead to catastrophic injuries.

Normally, these failures arise, whether the business owner is a sole proprietor or participant of a large franchise.

Restaurant should be able to safeguard the safety of employees and customers, and prevent liability for injuries caused by slips and trips.

The following are some viable tips to keep in mind, and adhere to prevent unnecessary accidents and lawsuits:

When evaluating likely cases, the areas we look at are regular inspection of the floor to identify hazards of slips or trips, namely in high-traffic areas such as bathrooms, the bar, kitchen, and near the entrance.

You shouldn’t expect staff to inspect the floors while fulfilling other duties.

Employees may do a haphazard job, forget, or believe someone else was responsible for it.

Someone should be designated to conduct floor inspections.

Now, this doesn’t mean the other employees shouldn’t be vigilant for dangers. This practice should be mandatory.

Regularly sweep and clean the floors to remove anything hazardous.

At the end of every shift, restaurants should wash their tile floors. Naturally, this entails restrooms.

Regularly, restaurants should vacuum their carpets and clean restrooms.

A posted schedule and log book of all cleanings should be kept.

These documents of sweeps and floor inspections should be retained, for proof a reasonable inspection was conducted; in the event of an accident, the floor was cleared.

Clear any spills or clean immediately to prevent tripping hazards.

Place bright cones or a warning sign near any dangers if the hazard can’t be rectified immediately, so customers can notice easily the dilemma; restrooms are included.

All rugs and mats on the floor should be ensured that edges are flat on the floor, and designed for use in a commercial business.

For your employee handbook, draft policies should reflect necessary points. Be certain they are provided to, as well as reviewed, regularly with employees.

Customers in Restaurants

If you sustain a catastrophic accident in a restaurant, among the first things you should accomplish is to take pictures with your smartphone of the cause of the fall, or if you are incapacitated, have someone else do it.

It is ingrained as a habit in our society for many people to take pictures as well.

That may be an ideal time for you to ask for them to forward the pictures to your own device.

Even if you are able to, it may be best to remain still until management is aware of the situation, and comes to assist you.

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