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Protruding Object Fall Accident

While falls and trips can be quite common in daily life, there are times when an individual may suffer from a protruding object fall accident.

Falls by accident may result in a head injury, broken bone, or even catastrophic brain damage.

An individual, understandably, may have the likelihood to inquire whether he or she has, in these types of cases, the premises liability claim.

The law, unfortunately, is not always so crisp and clear in premises liability cases, which may involve a slip and fall accident.

If the protruding object fall accident involved a customer, an attorney can work on behalf of the victim basically to ensure the case will be resolved successfully.

If the victim was a trespasser, then this outcome may not always be inevitable.

Property owners owe customers, to inspect the premises for hazardous conditions, a duty of care that is reasonable, and make any repairs necessary for the dangerous conditions.

Owners of a property do not have a duty of care to discover hazardous conditions or make repairs necessary to protect trespassers. Essentially, this means that the owner of the property may commit torts that are intentional upon a trespasser, like assault and battery.

Property owners, basically, must make sure that protruding objects do not damage any individual on the premises. For instance, if there is a fallen tree limb on a property, or protruding piece of wood, then the landowner must do whatever is necessary to make that condition safe.

If your injuries happen by contact with a protruding object, then immediately contact a premises liability attorney for assistance with your financial compensation claim. Skillful lawyers approach each case with respect and diligence for the client. They commit to support you and manage your lawsuit with professionalism that is first-class.

Accident Cases With Protruding Objects

Naturally, the burden is on the plaintiff to establish a case referred to as prima facie; this is for proof of negligence that he or she may be at-fault in the harm of someone with a protruding object.

Essentially, the plaintiff must prove this requirement: the landlord owes a duty; of that duty, subsequent breach; causation; and damages.

Typically, there are types of cases where plaintiffs may sustain injuries by protruding objects.

A plaintiff may be hit by a protruding object when that individual suffers from a protruding object fall accident; the plaintiff may be unaware of any existence of a protruding object due to faulty lighting.

Several examples of the other kinds of cases pertaining to protruding objects are the following: covered or unguarded ditches; tree roots protruding from a sidewalk; from unfinished basements, protruding wood; in disrepair, protruding fixtures; defective railings; defective stairs; faulty furniture; falling wood or ceiling plaster; and artificial structure on property that can cause a child injury.

You may have sustained an injury due to a protruding object. Whether you are a patient in healthcare, a customer in a department store or a supermarket, or a patron in the public park, you may be entitled to a current financial damages.

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