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Uneven Floor Fall Accidents

Essentially, when you enter the home of another individual, there is a likelihood you are a social guest and expect to enjoy the camaraderie.

There is no anticipation from social guests on an owner’s property that they may be victimized due to hazardous conditions. Surfaces that are uneven account for a normal accident, which a number of social guests encounter while visiting the home of someone else.

Whether you enter a home as a guest, or as a customer in a public place, you should know that the owner of a property owes you, to maintain that the property is in a condition that is safe, a duty of care.

Under negligence laws, this duty of care is owed to you; a neglect to maintain a property properly may mean that you can receive financial compensation.

On an uneven floor, a fall can cause an individual easily to sustain catastrophic injuries; it is easy to stumble, slip, trip, be harmed, or fall on an uneven surface.

In the majority of cases, it is a challenge to see any difference in the surface’s elevation if you do not own the property.

Customers, as well as visitors, to businesses and stores usually have no understanding of the condition of uneven surfaces that cause uneven floor fall accidents.

If you have sustained injuries in a private home or a place that is public on an uneven surface, then you may have legal rights to recover financial damages for sustained injuries from the tenants, owner, or property maintenance company.

Causes of Uneven Floor Injuries

Necessary on a property, owners of property have a duty under the law to make requisite repairs.

This type of responsibility is also requisite for them to make routine inspections on the property to see if any condition needs to be repaired.

Even if the owner of a property has no knowledge of an uneven surface during the accident, that individual may still be held liable.

This is due to the fact the Premises Liability Act can impose a duty of care legally on owners of property to repair any condition that they should be aware of, and would present a hazard to the public; usually, cases for uneven floor fall accidents can be heard before a jury or judge.

A necessary assessment from the jury or judge deals with the facts of the case to deem whether the owner of the property should be aware that a condition presents a hazard to the general public.

If the owner of the property had made repairs in the past on a wooden floor with a tendency to lose its evenness, then this would have the likelihood to place the owner on notice that regular repairs were necessary for the surface.

If a visitor subsequently sustained injuries on the surface, then the owner of the property would be apt to be held liable for his or her uneven floor fall accidents.

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