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Target Store Accident & Injuries

Target provides electronics, clothing, home furnishings, shoes, hardware, and toys. The Super Target Stores sell grocery items and produce. However, shoppers do sustain injuries in these Target stores.

Target store accidents & injuries can include the following: slip and fall accidents; trip and fall accidents; wrongful death claims; negligent security; assault and battery; false imprisonment; personal injuries; car accidents in the parking lot; premises liability injuries; and Target pedestrian injuries.

In a Target store, if you sustained injuries, it is immensely crucial for you to receive guidance and advice necessary from a personal injury attorney with expertise and experience.

Like most major retailers, Target spends a vast amount of money and time to defend various injury claims.

If you lost wages, have medical bills, and have to deal with other damages, then you need to prove your side of the case.

If you intend to handle your own claim of injury, then the proverbial deck, truthfully, will be stacked against you.

Surveillance Systems in Target

The Target stores use a surveillance system that is extensive in all the establishments.

The key purpose of the sophisticated equipment is to prevent shoplifting on the premises.

It also helps to restrict and prevent theft of employees.

Target stores, lastly, use the surveillance systems to defend its franchise against claims of fraudulence Involving trips and falls, slips and falls, or any other kind of an injury claim.

Cameras and surveillance equipment populate Target stores, loading docks, parking lots, escalators and elevators.

There is a strong possibility you were captured on tape if you slip and fall in Target.

This can strengthen your case if you sustained injuries and was captured by surveillance.

Your injury might be on film if you sustained injuries in the Target parking lot.

Target accident personal injury attorneys can assist you when you hurt yourself.

Once you agree to collaborate with an attorney, he or she can send an immediate letter of “preservation of evidence” to Target.

Attorneys will demand that Target preserves any security or surveillance films, which may be in the store’s possession, or once a lawsuit is filed, suffer the consequences.

Target will have their own lawyers who won’t have your best interest at heart. If you are able to prove there was surveillance in the store, there could be a negative inference against the Target stores.

A personal injury lawyer can request a video copy before he or she takes your testimony.

Naturally, it is likely Target will make an objection, and “promise” to produce any footage subsequent to your testimony.

An attorney will ask a circuit judge, at that point, to decide whether your attorneys can procure this footage prior to your testimony.

Target personal injury attorneys have argued in these kinds of cases these exact motions.

You and your lawyers need to have a viable strategy which you can discuss with them before the court hearing.

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