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Pressure Sores in Assisted Living Facilities

There is a collection of nontraditional facilities which represent themselves as caregivers of quality; they continue to expand rapidly in association with an increasing number of the elderly population.

Residential care facilities for the elderly, assisted living facilities, and group homes have a much larger role in the care for many of these individuals who are particularly vulnerable.

These alternative facilities of nursing homes are big draws to the elderly due to how they offer more independence, and as far as mainstream nursing homes, an alternative to those generic qualities.

For those individuals who have suffered from bed sores during residence at a facility of assisted living, personal injury attorneys commits to holding liable the facility.

Despite the ever-increasing numbers, many group homes, resident care facilities, and assisted living facilities for the elderly aren’t intended merely to offer a substitute for the kind of treatment which is on hand at hospitals or nursing homes.

As opposed to traditional nursing homes, further, many of these facilities of alternative care operate, compared with nursing homes, with very little regulation. Putting several residents, thereby, at the mercy of the facility’s operator.

Any individual who has a medical affliction which diminishes his or her movement, such as one confined to a bed or wheelchair, can suffer risks for pressure sores.

If a caregiver is required to transfer or move an individual, there could be moments where he or she is left in a similar position if not attentive for hours at a time.

Easier to Prevent Than Treat

Pressure sores in assisted living facilities are easier to prevent than actually treat. It is crucial to reposition and move the individual as often as necessary, not to mention he or she is kept hydrated, dry and in sound nutritional health.

This is an around-the-clock job, which may be more possible than several assisted living, alternative care, or group home facilities can offer.

It is quite understandable that a number of elderly residents want to maintain their independence; however, the residents still need to ensure they receive the necessary care.

Pressure sores in assisted living facilities, as well as with other infections, can occur rather quickly. Lives can be at-risk if they are placed in the wrong hands. 

When a family member develops pressure sores in assisted living facilities, the management, nursing staff, administration, facility and physicians should be held liable financially.

If an elderly loved one has developed pressure sores after admittance, it is crucial to employ a personal injury attorney with skills to protect his or her rights.

An esteemed attorney can hold liable the assisted living facility and medical staff for malpractice, neglect and abuse for causing a sustained injury.

If your family member developed pressure sores in assisted living facility, it is likely that the facility was not offering the proper care.

Individuals and their loved ones need to be treated with dignity, respect and courtesy whether or not they are residents in a healthcare facility.

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