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Bed Sore Statistics

Disproportionately, bed sores affect populations of older patients, namely sores that exhibit some degree of disability or immobility which impedes routine movement.

In regards to bed sore statistics, the patient sustains a pressure ulcer from his or her body weight, of contact, normally on a pressure point.

The range in severity is identified along a spectrum by practitioners (stages one through stage four). On an elderly patient or nursing home resident, any pressure sore present warrants prompt healthcare attention and subsequent continuous monitoring.

This can be problematic. While pressure sores need an immobility period that is relatively long for development, the pressure sore in reality can develop within two hours, in a discovery that has concerned nursing home operators and medical practitioners across the nation.

With the necessary standard of care in the healthcare regarding the elderly must presently entail the likelihood of risks of pressure or bed sores within two hours, near prompt treatment would be necessary in cases in patients of suspected or emerging pressure sores.

Multiple medical research universities, specifically, have noted that elderly residents in nursing homes are essentially the quintessential cohort at-risk for complications because of bedsores.

Typical Bed Sores

Statistical data presented by a source that is reputable held that approximately eight percent of patients in nursing homes had endured at one time a pressure sore, with some estimates holding situations in a home care can cause about 28% in patient populations to represent patients suffering from some pressure sore stage.

Acute care and extensive rehabilitation facilities, moreover, struggle with similar risks according to bed sore statistics in patient at-risk populations.

Nursing homes, however, compile by far more cases for bed sores in residents or patients than other healthcare entities, such as managed mid-term care facilities, acute care hospitals.

About 150,000 residents or patients, in brief, in the United States, will endure some stage of a bed sore within a year.

According to bed sore statistics, a pressure sore is indicative medically of an extended period of immobility, along a persistent failure of attending caregivers of inspection for pressure sores, key grounds for legal claim files to arise in most bed sore cases which stipulate hospitalization and other types of medical intervention.

There are courses of events which are highly negligent to lead to decubitus ulcers or pressure sores to develop with results reliably resulting in favorable claims to legal system patients, with extensive nursing home care patients who win 9 out of 10 cases again their defendants, while also acquiring verdict or settlement amounts of over $10 million on average, with the case of one plaintiff of bed sore injury to result in a verdict of hundreds of millions of dollars for the plaintiff.

This jury award, almost certainly, can be predicated on the vastly negligent and of the duty breaches widespread to a resident, ultimately resulting in the resident developing an open wound being life-threatening.

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