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Nursing Home Sexual Assaults

It is not easy being a caretaker, and can be more of a challenge to entrust care of a family member to another individual when it’s obvious you are not able to do it yourself.

You can interview the director of the nursing home, examine every review, and take the necessary precautions to make sure your family member will receive adequate care. However, this does not eliminate any guilt you may have if you discover your loved one in a nursing home was abused.

Residents in a nursing home who are not able to afford quality treatment may face psychological, physical, and emotional abuses, as well as nursing home sexual assaults.

You may want to look at ways you can protect your family member from sustaining sexual abuse while in a nursing home, as well as its indications, and how to recover damages on his or her behalf.

Individuals older than 65 years old comprise a large population due to aging baby boomers.

The increase in population of the elderly making a decision to spend the rest of the days in retirement offers an increase to a long-term, and a need, usually unmet, for affordable, quality care in a nursing home.

The law, furthermore, holds liable facilities to a higher standard of care, namely for individuals with dementia.

In the United States, even so, abuse and negligence in a nursing home remains among the leading causes of medical malpractice and wrongful death cases.

The increase in demand, meanwhile, for skilled nursing assistance has resulted in a number of facilities lowering their training and education standards to fulfill this need.

Sexual Abuse Occurrences in Nursing Facilities

Several of the most typical kinds of injuries sustained in nursing homes include, but hardly limited to, neglect, non-verbal and emotional abuse of patients, and physical abuse of elderly patients with dementia.

There have been reports, sadly, to expose in America nursing home sexual assaults.

If members of your family suffer from dementia, then you can assess them for this type of abuse whenever you visit.

Due to confusion, at times, verbal communication is insufficient.

You should always examine for general indications of abuse in your family members, accordingly, the following: defensive wounds on arms; changes in mood; changes in habits of eating and sleeping; abnormal or unexplained behavior; sores, bruises, welts, burns, and discoloration; and unexplained cuts.

There is a large percentage of nursing home sexual assaults.

As unlikely as it may seem, you should examine specifically for the following indications of sexual abuse in a member of your family: unexplained injuries in the pelvis; difficulty or pain in walking or seven; sexually transmitted diseases; irritation or bleeding; bruises on inner thighs; extreme agitation; stained or bloody undergarments; and suicide attempts or PTSD.

In handling personal injury claims, attorneys work closely with experienced retirement home experts and physicians who can make prudent assessments of medical aspects to support your pursuit of recovering damages due to sexual assault.

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