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Community Integrated Living Arrangement Negligence

Adults with disabilities that are developmental deserve and need personalized attention and care; that is when they may be admitted into what is referred to as a community integrated living arrangement.

It is the mission of most personal injury attorneys to improve the services offered of quality to these residents by pursuing assertively justice for those who are neglected or mistreated by parties who supposedly tend to their care.

If your family member sustained an injury or received abuse due to community integrated living arrangement negligence, you may be entitled to file a malpractice lawsuit.

A community integrated living arrangement is a living arrangement that is unique between a group of on average eight adults who suffer from a developmental disability.

The residents normally live in a group home, apartment, or family home of care staff under their supervision, which offer for their conditions individualized treatment, as well as personal support services.

A home must receive a license from the state in order to become a provider, once it is able to offer documentation to prove that the healthcare staff is qualified and trained necessarily to work with this type of demographic in a facility.

Community integrated living arrangement attorneys, however, are aware that many of these caregivers providing these services are lacking in resources and training to accomplish this in a manner that represents the interests of these individuals best.

Causes of Community Integrated Living Arrangement Injuries

Community integrated living arrangement negligence is the result of residence not being properly supervised. This can result in accidents which result and catastrophic bodily harm.

The caregivers themselves, in other instances, may place the residents at risk for emotional or verbal abuse.

Adults with developmental disabilities should live in an encouraging and positive environment; it is absolutely not acceptable for these residents to be abused or neglected by those who are supposed to be providing them the specialized habilitation and support, which they are required to live peacefully and productively.

Several causes of injury entail the following:

Those with developmental disabilities may be challenged in moving around. This is why the adults require assistance and personal supervision. With trips, slips, and falls at risk, it is usually when the individuals attempt to walk around by themselves without supervision that these injuries are sustained.

Offering the incorrect medications or the administration of the incorrect doses can cause adverse side-effects and symptoms of overdose which normally require prompt medical attention.

With emotional or verbal abuse, individuals with developmental disorders may be ridiculed, humiliated, manipulated; this is even less acceptable when the abuse is provided by the very parties who promise to offer proper care.

Staff that is inadequately trained occurs when members of a staff are not properly trained to cope with patients suffering from these kinds of disabilities. This can cause reduced care, and an increase in risk of an accident due to community integrated living arrangement negligence.

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