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For-Profit Nursing Homes

You can work with a nursing home attorney and be confident that the attorney will have plenty of experience prosecuting cases of critical injury due to neglect and abuse at facilities across the state.

Each case can be different regarding the facts; nevertheless, personal injury attorneys represent hundreds of families and individuals in lawsuits and claims against negligent for-profit nursing homes.

If your member of the family has been mistreated at a nursing facility, contact an attorney immediately who specializes in nursing home abuse.

The nursing facility industry has become a profitable business. According to disease prevention and control centers, over 1 million people reside in over 15,500 nursing facilities across the states. Almost 70% of the nursing homes operate as for-profit nursing facilities.

Obviously there is nothing illegal about looking to make a profit in nursing homes by caring for individuals. However, a conflict ensues when operators of nursing homes attempt to cut the costs via maximizing the profits. Among the easiest ways for the for-profit nursing homes to reduce costs is by cutting down the levels of staffing and hiring workers who lack experience.

These measures to cut costs, in the end, can impact the patients residing in nursing homes, who may feel their needs for attention and care are unmet. Chronic and acute dilemmas may arise, which regularly translate to untimely deaths or catastrophic injuries.

Abusive Care Typical Cases

No one likes to hear the term nursing home abuse. However, the derivation is from incidents where some workers who are truly unfit, as well as companies, remain embroiled in the extensive care industry, and allow abusive conditions to develop. Cases of abuse are normally categorized, which include the following:

Physical harm may be perpetuated by staff at a nursing home, visitors to a facility, or even other residents.

It is always cause for concern whenever a patient sustained a fracture at a nursing home. To the underlying circumstances, in addition, many patients sustain catastrophic medical complications subsequent to a broken bone.

Nursing facilities have a responsibility to screen residents and staff who possess a history of sexual assault and aggressive behavior.

When staff neglects to receive assistance or necessary lifting equipment, patients may sustain injuries by being dropped.

Facilities are responsible to offer the correct dosage and medication as prescribed by the physician of the resident. When errors are made with medication, patients may suffer from complications, or may even die.

When facilities neglect to use mattresses which are sized properly to the frame of the bed, residence can suffer injury and become entrapped.

An unexpected, sudden death needs to be examined to deem if factors are involved in the care of the patient, which contributed to untimely death.

By holding liable facilities for deleterious conduct, it is the hope of attorneys to enhance the care that patients in nursing homes receive. Operators of for-profit nursing homes must understand that negligent and abusive care should not be accepted.

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