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Impacted Bowel Complications

Patients in a nursing home have an elevated risk to develop an impacted bowel; this can cause critical pain and healthcare complications if not treated promptly.

Residents who reveal signs of impacted bowel may need to be administered a colonoscopy to deem if any blockage occurs in the intestines; preventative steps must be considered after the treatment of blockage to make sure that the impacted bowel doesn’t recur.

Impacted bowel complications can result in the following: bleeding at the same location; of the anal sphincter, tears at the level; of the colon wall, tears at the level; and hemorrhoids.

Additional complications include the ulceration or the necrosis which can develop in the rectum.

Being watchful of your bowel movements and a visit to your physician upon sustaining critical constipation is an ideal way to prevent these complications from happening.

Cardiac complications can ensue as well, because of the vagus nerve with constant stimulation.

Of these cardiac complications, among the symptoms are irregular rhythm of the heart, fainting, and state of general weakness.

In cases that are extremely rare, the patient can endure cardiac tamponade.

The heart ventricles cannot expand any longer due to maximum value, with the heart compression preventing a suitable blood amount to be pumped.

It is crucial to take the necessary steps to prevent constipation in order to avoid suffering from impacted bowel.

Fruits, Vegetables and Water with Physical Exercise

To prevent impacted bowel complications, you can switch your medication, and ensure that you select one that doesn’t cause adverse side effects.

Fruits and vegetables need to be included, in relation to your diet, which have enough fiber quantities to offer.

In order to prevent dehydration, on a daily basis you should drink plenty of water.

The intake of foods which favor constipation, on the other hand, should be diminished, namely those which have a high sugar or fat content.

On a daily basis, physical exercise is required. This is so the digestive system functions in a manner that is healthy, and the bowel movements occur.

For bedridden patients, it is essential to monitor the bowel movements closely.

Impacted bowel can be prevented with a massage to the abdomen; passive movements, as well, can be administered by a physical therapist.

During the diagnosis and treatment of impacted bowel in a prompt manner, the prognosis will virtually always be positive.

Blockage can be extracted usually through the use of enemas, laxatives, or removal that is manual.

After blockage removal, changes need to be made to the diet and routine of the patient, which can prevent any subsequent blockages to form.

If you or a family member sustained impacted bowel complications, and the neglect of nursing care staff to treat and diagnose the condition resulted in excruciating pain and suffering, and critical healthcare complications, you may be entitled to recover damages.

Personal injury attorneys specializing in nursing home neglect commit to hold liable negligent nursing care facilities when their failure to offer proper care causes an injury in patients.

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