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Pressure Sore Osteomyelitis

Caused by bacteria, an infection of the bones is osteomyelitis.

The most common types of osteomyelitis, in adults, resulting in bacteria are Streptococcus, Enterobacter, and S. Aureus.

In cases of critical pressure sores, also known as bedsores, through the open wound, the bacteria enters the body and makes an attack to the bone.

Once the bone is infected, enzymes become released, which limit the ability of the body to heal.

If it is untreated, pressure sore osteomyelitis can spread into surrounding joints and the bone marrow, which can result in further health complications, if not death.

Personal injury lawyers understand the emotional and physical toll a diagnosis of osteomyelitis has on a person.

Attorneys are available with decades of experience in litigating and resolving nursing home pressure sore cases involving osteomyelitis.

Inferior Care Associated with Osteomyelitis

Among the most typical bacterial infections linked to nursing home neglect is osteomyelitis.

Symptoms of pressure sore osteomyelitis include the following: nausea; high fevers; bone pain; excessive sweating; chills; pain in the lower back; swelling of the legs, ankles, and feet; and around the affected area, redness, swelling, and warmth.

Prompt treatment and early detection is vital in the rehabilitative process of osteomyelitis.

Testing should be administered at the primary sign of any likely infection.

These tests may entail bone lesion biopsies, blood cultures, MRIs, bone scans, and needle aspirations of the affected bone and surrounding area.

Once a patient receives diagnosis with osteomyelitis, antibiotics can be used for the purpose of killing bacteria which may cause the infection.

If negligent care is to continue, and the infection goes untreated within a time duration, infection will definitely spread.

Surgery may be necessary, in these catastrophic cases, to extract dead bone tissue.

Subsequent to surgery, the open vacancy left by the extracted bone tissue can be filled with packing material or a bone graft that will assist in new bone tissue growth.

With any procedure of surgery which is administered on a patient in a nursing home, complications and additional injuries can present risks.

If you or a family member has had to undergo surgery due to negligence care from a nursing home or healthcare facility, you should contact a personal injury attorney to learn what your remedies and legal rights may be. 

Personal injury lawyers are equipped to prosecute matters related to osteomyelitis following developing pressure sores.

Pressure sore osteomyelitis can result in necessary long term medical treatment and pain; therefore, attorneys are mindful of subsequent medical expenses of clients, and evaluate carefully these needs prior to pursuing any settlements.

There are situations where patients require healthcare related to osteomyelitis or other complications, and need an attorney who knows a treating physician to provide an estimate to the cost of healthcare rehabilitation and procedures to ensure the needs of a patient are fulfilled, and sufficient funds can be provided for those needs to recover damages.

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