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Pressure Sore Complications

Pressure sores are injuries to skin and tissue underlying as a result of prolonged pressure on skin.

Pressure sores usually develop on skin which covers areas of the body that is bony, such as tailbone, heels, hips and ankles.

Individuals most at-risk of pressure sores are those with a healthcare condition which restricts an ability to switch positions, or individuals who spend ample time in a chair or bed.

Pressure sore complications can ensue. Most bed sores heal with proper treatment, but some sores never completely heal.

The necessary steps can be taken to help prevent pressure sores and aid in healing, such as the following symptoms: swelling; unusual changes in texture or skin color; draining that’s pus-like; a skin area that feels to the touch warmer or cooler than other areas; and tender areas.

Into one of several stages based on severity, depth and other characteristics, pressure sores fall. The degree of tissue and skin damage ranges from unbroken, red skin to a deep injury involving bone and muscle.

Regarding pressure sore complications,
for individuals who use a wheelchair, bed sores usually affect the skin over buttocks or tailbone; spine and shoulder blades; and backs of legs and arms when rested against a chair.

For individuals who confined to a bed, common sites include shoulder blades; sides or back of the head; tailbone, hip or lower back; and ankles, skin behind the knees and heels.

If the appropriate medical care standards are adhered to, these excruciating and life-threatening open wounds typically can be prevented.

When a loved one is elderly or ill and not able to reposition him or herself, families come to rely on hospital or nursing home staff to offer the adequate attention and care which is necessary.

Failure to monitor or turn a patient properly for early pressure sore signs, could enable the development of large wounds.

If you, a loved one or member of your family have sustained pressure sores in a nursing home or hospital, the lawyers of malpractice can review the surrounding circumstances of the treatment to help deem if the injury was preventable.

Nursing Home Pressure Sore Lawsuits

Respected medical malpractice attorneys have years of experience to handle sophisticated lawsuits for nursing home and healthcare negligence.

Clients can recover verdicts and settlements worth millions of dollars, and the attorneys have the necessary resources to contest healthcare centers and corporations to safeguard the interests of clients. 

In a number of cases, in the United States, while several injuries sustained aren’t preventable, the attending physician or medical provider may be held liable.

Many experienced and skillful attorneys have ample experience when handling a personal injury lawsuit for pressure sore complications.

The attorneys work closely, in handling medical malpractice personal injury claims, with prominent healthcare experts and physicians who make reasonable assessments of the medical aspects to support a pursuit, due to medical malpractice, of full compensation.

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