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Patients Mistreated at Harbor View Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Inc.

Neglect and abuse against elderly individuals has become a growing concern for loved ones who makes the decision to place a family member in a rehabilitation center, assisted living facility, or a nursing home.

Residents, often times, become victims of sexual and physical abuse, financial exploitation, neglect or abandonment.

Any kind of neglect, abuse or mistreatment can leave emotional and psychological scars to citizens most vulnerable.

Regarding patients mistreated at Harbor View Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Inc., skillful attorneys offer the services as a viable solution to stop neglect, mistreatment, and abuse immediately.

Families are encouraged to review impertinent information concerning opened investigations, safety concerns and filed complaints against nursing homes.

Data can be used to make sound informed decisions prior to placing a loved one in the care of healthcare caregivers.

In Memphis, Tennessee, Harbor View Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Inc. has an Average overall rating.

With 103 beds, it is a medium facility, with corporate, for-profit ownership. Harbor View Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Inc. doesn’t participate in a community for continuing care retirement.

Negligence and Improper Treatment of Patients

In regards to patients mistreated at Harbor View Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Inc., there have been complaints concerning the deleterious care of several residents, such as neglect and improper care.

As for the room accommodations, most residents are provided different information. No staff employee is on the same page when it comes to the regulations and rules of the nursing home.

There have been a number of complainants related to the food not being very appetizing. Unfortunately, there aren’t plenty of options of food and beverages for the resident.

Someone complained how a woman didn’t eat much of the food, thus, lost a considerable amount of weight. Not only is the facility’s staff inconsistent, but they seem as if they just don’t care.

The nursing home has been accused of not attempting to make concessions. They have a responsibility to have the proper staff to do what is required for the patients.

Sadly, patients may not receive plenty of care due to the staff responsible for plenty of patients simultaneously.

Negligence and improper treatment of patients are certainly problematic, especially since residents and their families are paying for this care.

Patients mistreated at Harbor View Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Inc. and their loved ones can receive legal advice from a personal injury attorney.

Dedicated nursing home abuse attorneys can take prompt legal measures to cease this abhorrent harm.

In many cases, in the United States, while some injuries sustained are preventable, the medical provider or attending doctor may be held liable.

Attorneys collaborate with experienced healthcare experts and skillful physicians who are more than capable to make the best assessments of the medical aspects to support your pursuit not only for you to recover damages due to nursing home malpractice, but for you and your family to maintain your dignity, respect and a peace of mind despite the circumstances.

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