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Patient Falls Due to Debris on Nursing Home Floors

Many of us have expectations which are completely reasonable of nursing homes, to tend to the needs of our family members, and ensure they are safe and secure.

Patient falls due to debris on nursing home floors continue to be a matter of concern because they cause more critical injuries, and the elderly typically heal much slower than individuals who are in prime health.

It is crucial to demand to know why a fall occurred because it can typically reveal any facts, which the incident could have been preventable if not for policies and actions negligent within the nursing facility.

If patient falls due to debris on nursing home floors are caused by a poorly or cluttered maintained facility, then personal injury attorneys can offer their legal assistance.

Negligence cases in several nursing homes can entail complicated medicine, but many trips and falls in nursing home cases are merely due to a facility that is poorly maintained.

Nevertheless, despite an appearance that is straightforward, any incident involving a trip and fall can have critical consequences for a patient.

The Primary Concern in Nursing Home Injuries

A family member may experience a fall; thus, that individual is at risk of sustaining critical injuries, which may threaten his or her long-term health and mobility.

For example, fractures to the hip can result in a prognosis that is poor, and victims may be immobile permanently subsequent to these injuries in less than one year.

Other individuals may not be so fortunate, and die because of complications due to sustained injuries.

Therefore, apparent logic would dictate that preventing a fall would be a primary concern for nursing facilities. However, many of these facilities are usually more concerned in finding methods to increase margins or reducing costs.

In nursing homes, preventing these falls on debris may stipulate more care in attention, which requires time that staff members who are overworked cannot usually provide.

As a direct result of inadequate training and understaffing, the policy symptoms are clearly neglect of the needs of patients in favor of increased profit margins.

There are a number of contributing factors to accidents due to falls; unfortunately, reality dictates that many of these factors can be addressed and identified appropriately.

Subsequent to a fall, regardless of any excuse the nursing facility gives you, excuses are few to allow patients to sustain injuries by various elements within an environment.

Members of staff need to know these hazards within an environment, and react to these hazards in a manner that is expedient to ensure that your family member doesn’t sustain injuries.

Personal injury attorneys can examine the details of patient falls due to debris on nursing home floors to determine whether the trip and fall case to pursue a lawsuit would be in your best interest.

Attorneys can successfully recover compensation for a loved one harmed as a result of falls on debris in nursing facilities, and they have the confidence to represent your interests if a family member sustained a severe injury.

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