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Nursing Home Dementia Patient Injuries

Those who suffer from neurological disorders and dementia, like Alzheimer’s disease, are typically neglected and taken advantage of because these abusers feel they can attribute, to the condition of the victim, any claims of abuse.

Of those we love, when we trust others with that treatment and care, it can come with an expectation that is reasonable for others to offer quality and attentive care to our loved ones.

An Elevated Risk of Abuse

Patients can be less aware of what happens to them when they suffer from dementia, and may even be more susceptible to nursing home dementia patient injuries.

This can make them the perfect victims for parties who intend to swindle them out of their funds, and place them through routine physical or emotional abuse, merely to accuse them of fabricating stories when they make attempts to report any abuse.

Regarding nursing home dementia patient injuries, nursing home injury attorneys have seen several forms of neglect and abuse, such as:

Weather as a result of poor training or understaffing, several dementia patients can be neglected by nursing home caregivers.

Patients can suffer from neurological disorders and become neglected, they could go wandering off, endanger themselves, or suffer from depression.

No elderly patient should be physically abused.

Granted, dementia patients can have mood swings or outbursts; thus, caregivers can respond by threatening or restraining the patient.

Physical abuse can entail restraint that is excessive, and various forms of violence against the patient.

Patients of dementia are at great risk of becoming sexually abused; the perpetrators could be staff members, patients at that facility, or even visitors.

It is crucial for these dementia patients to be supervised properly in order to make certain of their safety.

In a number of cases of abuse or neglect, the perpetrator will verbally abuse or threaten the victim in order to keep that individual compliant and silent.

Naturally, this can result in further depression, mood swings, social withdrawal, aggressiveness, changes in sleeping habits, and outbursts.

When it comes to financial manipulation, dementia patients are at risk of suffering from this type of abuse more than any other kind of patient in a facility.

The perpetrator will take full advantage of that individual’s confusion, and acquire information necessary to steal from the dementia patient.

It is within your rights and completely reasonable to investigate any type of incident which you believe could be the cause of abuse or neglect when you feel that your family member is the victim of abusive behavior or negligence in a nursing home.

Nursing home dementia patient injuries can be the result of the following signs necessary for investigation:

  • Your family member displays physical indications of abuse, such as, marks or bruises on the wrists, arms, ankles, or genitals;
  • Your family member suffers from mood swings that are sudden, which are atypical of any previous behavior;
  • Your family member accuses a member on the staff or a resident of sexual, physical, or verbal abuse; and,
  • Your family member suddenly becomes silent whenever the caregiver is present.

Personal injury attorneys are committed to assist you in determining whether your member of the family has become victim of neglect or abuse in a nursing home.

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