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Truck Accidents Involving Driver Fatigue

Among the most usual causes of accidents involving commercial trucks is fatigue. Becoming fatigued, or falling asleep at the steering wheel has to be the top impairment of truck drivers in state and federal government reports regarding statistics of truck collisions.

Government regulations that regulate interstate trucking across the nation, are aware how hazardous the dilemma is of commercial truck driver fatigue.

There are multiple roles and regulations which address the dilemma of fatigued driving, and restrict the number of hours truck drivers can remain behind the steering wheel on the road.

Recently, inspectors of truck safety issue nearly 300,000 violations of services in hours and regulations.

The Dangers of Driver Fatigue

A truck driver who neglects much-needed sleep and breaks has consciously made a decision that he or she is aware can easily lead to a collision, which can cause death or serious injuries.

Comparing drowsy or fatigue driving to driving while intoxicated, the National Sleep Foundation stipulates sleepiness can slow reaction time, impair judgment, and boost any risk of a vehicle crash.

The cause of driver fatigue may be extended work hours, lack of suitable sleep, non-work activities or strenuous work, or any combination of these factors.

A recent study discovered that less than 15 percent of commercial motor vehicle drivers embroiled in a truck accident were considered at the time of the crash to have been fatigued.

Additionally, to warnings for motorists, there are stringent hours of service and regulations with comprehensive descriptions of how much sleep, or rest a truck driver must have between his or her work shifts.

Generally, a motorist may operate a vehicle a maximum of 11 hours. This is subsequent to 10 consecutive hours off duty; it may not go over the 14th consecutive hour, which includes non-driving time, after arriving on duty.

These are federal regulations, and may require truckers to maintain precise logs of time behind the steering wheel.

However, experts stipulate its surveys confirm that many truck drivers are in violation of federal regulations, work, and/or drive more than permitted. Routinely, truck drivers record perjured information in their logs.


Holding any responsible parties liable to receive financial compensation is crucial. This is due to victims needing compensation for damages, immediate medical costs, pain and suffering, lost wages, and psychological distress.

Among the leading causes of all injuries, vehicle accidents result in 6 million collisions reported here in the United States. Approximately 30,000, among these, would be referred to as fatal.

If you or a loved one suffer an injury in a vehicle collision, you should immediately contact an experienced automobile injury attorney. A lawyer can evaluate your case, and provide assistance to discover if funds are owed to you to cover vehicle injury expenses.

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