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Head-On Truck Accidents

A truck driver can take it upon him or herself to get behind the steering wheel of a vehicle which is capable of causing collisions daily, and are vastly lethal.

This type of responsibility should belong solely to individuals who are trained well, and show respect for the dangers involved in an accident involving a semi tractor.

However, the reality is that many motorists do not show respect for basic laws, which are meant to maintain safety on our roads.

This is in addition to ignoring traffic signage and devices, and speeding.

Drivers will go through great lengths to falsify their logbooks to exaggerate work hours, as well as operate trucks when under the influence, or fatigued.

The Causes of Head-On Collisions

Characteristics are unique when involved in driving a truck. This contributes to truck drivers as a cause of numerous head-on collisions.

Several of the reasons are as follows:

Due to the size and weight of many trucks, a truck driver can easily veer into oncoming traffic when it is difficult to navigate a curve. This problem is common when a trucker is inattentive, or inexperienced.

Companies that own trucks usually pressure their drivers to deliver goods on schedules that are not realistic.

When a truck driver speeds, or fails to slow down during inclement weather such as ice, fog, and rain, he or she can cause catastrophic head-on collisions.

When a truck driver talks on his or her cell phone or texts, fiddles with instrument controls, or sets the GPS, he or she is inattentive to operating the vehicle.

Individuals can swerve in a split second into a traffic lane with unsuspecting drivers. There’s a temptation to be distracted for truckers who are on the road for long hours, as they stare down the highways and roadways.

Without taking a break, a trucker can operate a vehicle for 10 hours. There are those who drive over 10 hours without a break, which violates many federal regulations.

Thus, it should be no surprise that truckers can swerve out of the lane when he or she becomes fatigued, or even worse, fall asleep while on the road.

When a truck driver is impaired either by drug use or alcohol, his or her reaction time, and basic driving skills are diminished.

If a driver of the truck is not alert, he or she may not realize road hazards ahead. The truck driver may suddenly swerve directly into the front end of an unsuspecting vehicle.

Truck drivers are required by federal regulations to inspect their vehicles, and have maintenance and defect issues repaired prior to getting back on the road.

Routinely, truck drivers and trucking companies neglect these necessary requirements. This often leads to a head-on collision during travel on highways and roadways.

Failure of brakes, sadly, is not only the result of lack of maintenance, which in and of itself is problematic.

Several companies that own trucks have powered or unhooked brakes merely to save vehicle wear and tear.

Naturally, this puts the lives of innocent victims at risk. Thus, you may be entitled for full compensation.

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