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Rental Truck Accidents

During the year, the busiest time for individuals to move and rent a truck is summer. Nearly 40% of moving occurs between the months of June through August. This is the time when the roads are inundated with moving rental trucks.

These trucks may or may not be safe being operated by drivers who lack experience. The moving rental trucks need to be properly inspected and maintained.

If you become involved in a moving rental truck accident or an automobile accident that involves a rental truck which causes the accident, it may be possible to file a lawsuit against the rental truck company.

A Rental Truck Company May Be Held Liable

If the rental truck or car company rents a vehicle to an individual who they know or should be aware is not capable of operating a vehicle or truck, you may have a legal right to file a lawsuit against them. This is known as a theory of negligent entrustment.

Here’s a list of several ways a rental moving truck company can be held responsible for a collision that entails a moving truck which results in personal injuries:

No individual should permit or authorize a vehicle owned by him or her, or under his or her control to be operated upon any roadway by an individual who is unauthorized, and unlicensed for the class or type of motor vehicle operated.

Is possible for rental company to be liable for renting a truck to an unfit or in competent driver, referred to as negligent entrustment.

Likely to be liable, the rental company may have knowledge of a driver who was intoxicated or drunk, on practically inebriated or drunk at the time of the truck rental.

If an individual wants to rent a truck from U-Haul, Penske, or Ryder, and he or she has alcohol on his or her breath, the company that is renting the truck may be held liable, if the moving rental truck becomes involved in a DUI vehicle collision.

Major rental companies advertise driving with ease large commercial vehicles. They assure customers that practically anyone can manage the risk of operating one of the largest vehicles they’ve ever driven, such as a minivan.

When a truck driver, who lacks experience, suddenly finds him or herself attempting to navigate the highways at rush-hour, while operating a 17-foot truck and towing a passenger vehicle, catastrophes can occur.

Truck renters, unfortunately, aren’t only assured by a rental company that they have the capability of operating the truck, but they also rely on the rental company to offer a commercial truck that is safe for them to take on the road.

Due to these assurances, many renters and motorists adjacent to the vehicle are not always mindful of how hazardous operating a commercial rental truck can be.

An attorney can provide assistance and make a necessary evaluation of your case. You may be entitled to funds owed to you to cover damages.

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