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Delivery Truck Accidents

Any accident which involves FedEx or UPS delivery trucks, as well as other delivery service vehicles, can result in severe injuries or death to innocent pedestrians, motorists, and bicyclists. These accidents may be the result of lack of training, driver negligence, negligent truck maintenance, and any other cause.

Fortunately, there are experienced attorneys familiar with the complicated issues of liability, which involve truck accidents. This includes service trucks, large commercial vehicles, delivery vehicles, and freight shipping trucks, which include FedEx and UPS trucks.

Reasons for Delivery Truck Collisions

Collisions of FedEx and UPS trucks may be the result of the following:

  • Failure of a motorist to engage the parking brake of a truck, while making a delivery of a package to a building. This can cause a delivery truck to roll over pedestrians or into traffic.
  • Motorists backing up after he or she passes an address, instead of circling the neighborhood block, can cause a collision with a bicyclist, automobile, or a pedestrian.
  • Motorists who hurry to make schedule deliveries are apt to speed or drive recklessly.
  • Trucks which are loaded improperly in a hurry to get back on the road, can have an effect on how the truck is handled. This makes it difficult to stop or maneuver in any emergency.

If you sustained injury in an automobile accident with a delivery truck or other commercial delivery vehicles, it is vital that you consult with an experienced commercial truck accident lawyer.

In the case of an improperly loaded or an overloaded truck, for example, attorneys may need to inspect loading logs which weren’t available at the accident scene.

Investigations into important factors, such as the driving history of a truck driver, can have an effect on which parties are held liable for the collision.

Overall, accidents of commercial vehicles can be vastly difficult and complex, namely when delivery or large trucking companies get their own attorneys involved.

This is why it is prudent to make sure you have a reliable and solid advocate on your side.


Among the leading causes of all injuries, vehicle accidents result in 6 million collisions reported here in the United States. Approximately 30,000, among these, would be referred to as fatal.

About 2 million crashes involved additional injuries. They result in damage, which can be severe. Economically, the cost of vehicle collisions can estimate to billions of dollars per year.

Several of them are more common than others. Thus, it’s best to contact a physician for more specific cases and information.

Crucial vehicle collisions can leave immense emotional scars on those who have sustained these injuries. Individuals who witness automobile crashes can be affected as well.

Counseling and medical treatments for psychological injuries, post traumatic stress disorder, and similar injuries can essentially be common.

If you or a loved one suffer an injury in a vehicle collision, you should immediately contact an experienced automobile injury attorney.

A lawyer can evaluate your case, and provide assistance to discover if funds are owed to you to cover vehicle injury expenses. Contact us for a free consultation or call Anzalone Law Firm PLLC, at: 603.548.3797.

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