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Poor Truck Maintenance Crash

If an individual is injured in a vehicle accident, he or she can hire a lawyer. An attorney of this caliber can negotiate with any other motorists to determine who is liable to pay for any damage. The personal injury lawyer, if necessary, can file a lawsuit.

Tractor-trailers and other large trucks, like any other motor vehicle, need routine maintenance to ensure safe operation on the road. Safety regulations of the Federal Motor Carrier require a systematic inspection, maintenance, and repair of each motor carrier that is liable.

These regulations, unfortunately, aren’t always followed, with results that are detrimental at times.

Some types of issues which can emerge from shoddy maintenance, and cause severe collisions include problems with steering, failures to coupling device, failures to brakes, worn tires, failures to parking brakes, a crack in windshields, missing or cracked mirrors, missing lights or reflectors, failures to parking brakes, shoddy tail lights or headlights, inoperable windshield wipers, and unintended vehicle acceleration. 

The individual at fault normally must compensate another party for property and medical expenses. In addition to those expenses, they pay for pain and suffering, and lost wages.

Our law firm can help you file your accident claim. Possibly, we can help you gain full compensation for damages and injuries.

Entitlement of Victims for Compensation

It is the duty of trucking companies and truck drivers to maintain their vehicles in an operating condition that is safe.

During failure to adhere to this responsibility, individuals who sustain injury, due to this negligence, are normally entitled to full compensation for experienced losses and damages.

The types of losses which are typically recoverable during a truck collision case entail lost income, property damage, medical expenses, loss of quality of life, and suffering and pain physically and emotionally.

It isn’t always clear to most injured victims, unfortunately, when the collision was the result of poor vehicle maintenance.

It is crucial for an individual, for this reason, that is a victim of a collision with a truck to contact an attorney immediately.


In the United States, vehicle accidents account for 6 million reported collisions, which are among the most occurring causes of injuries. Among these, about 30,000 are determined to be fatal.

Involving additional injuries, 2 million vehicle collisions result in damage, which are considered crucial.

It is best, therefore, to contact a physician immediately for more detailed information and cases.

Severe automobile accidents can leave critical emotional scars on individuals who sustain personal injuries. Those who are witnesses of collisions can be devastated also.

Treatments for emotional injuries and counseling, post traumatic stress disorder, and injuries of a similar nature can basically be common.

You or a family member may have sustained a personal injury in a vehicle collision. Contact an esteemed vehicle crash injury attorney immediately.

An attorney can provide assistance and make a necessary evaluation of your case. You may be entitled to funds owed to you to cover damages.

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