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Postal Vehicle Accidents

If you get hurt by a vehicle owned by the USPS, or the United States Postal Service, chances are a legal case is completely different than a case against FedEx or UPS.

Mail carrier motorists, however, get into automobile accidents the same way as any other motorist. The mail carrier drivers have to go around other automobiles and trucks, they can strike vehicles parked on roadside, and generally, can get involved in similar types of wrecks as any other driver.

There is one thing, however, which makes drivers of mail delivery vehicles different from other drivers. These drivers are employed with the federal government, which means legal implications are involved.

If you were to get hurt in an automobile accident with a vehicle owned by a private commercial entity, then in all likelihood you could seek compensation from a reputable insurance company.

However, if you do seek restitution subsequent to getting hurt in an automobile accident with the United States mail truck, then essentially you can sue the federal government, due to government vehicles not being insured.

Taking legal action against a private entity can be quite complex. However, filing a lawsuit against the federal government can go further beyond any scope involving a layperson.

Essentially, you can employ an experienced attorney prior to your pursuit of this type of litigation. That is, if you decide to do so on your own. But you must be knowledgeable upfront that you will have next to no chance to prevail.

At law offices in Nashua, clients represented in all kinds of cases can receive assistance. Many experienced attorneys have comprehensive knowledge and skill which are necessary for you to have the best chance to obtain any fair compensation.

Automobile accidents are among the leading causes of all injuries. Nearly 6 million automobile accidents are reported in the United States.

Among these, approximately 30,000 would be considered fatal. Nearly 2 million entailed other injuries. They leave behind damage that is quite severe.

Injuries from automobile accidents can vary from individual to individual, from automobile crash to automobile crash. There are several common ones which are reported daily, monthly and annually. Naturally, more specific details for particular cases can be obtained from a physician.

Individuals most often operate a vehicle, or ride in a vehicle with family and friends. Severe automobile crashes typically leave serious emotional scars on individuals, who have suffered severe injuries, as well as individuals who were present to witness them.

Treatment and counseling for post traumatic stress disorder, and psychological injuries which are similar, can be fairly common.

If you or any loved one sustained an injury in an automobile accident, contact us or call Anzalone Law Firm, PLLC at: 603.548.3797.

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