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Penske Truck Accident Injuries

Accidents involving large commercial trucks nearly always result in serious injuries to the innocent victims who may be affected by an accident.

The victims may be entitled to receive compensation for pain and suffering, medical care, and any other financial considerations.

It is imperative to know who is at fault for the injuries, whether it’s the owner of the truck or the driver.

It is difficult to try an accident case involving a Penske truck to determine from whom to seek compensation.

Attorneys who specialize in trucking accidents can investigate each case thoroughly to identify any parties involved, and pursue compensation from the appropriate companies and individuals.

Penske Involved in Alarming Number of Accidents

Penske has over 27,000 trucks in its fleet. Penske has close to 10,000 drivers. Their trucks, in the last two years, have been involved in nearly 900 crashes.

Nearly 600, of that number, were a result in vehicles being towed. Over 300 were the result of injuries, and about 10 were killed. With this magnitude of its fleet, no one should be surprised of the number accidents and fatalities.

When we get on the roadway, we should all be aware there is a likelihood for collision to occur anytime.

Having said that, Penske, with professional drivers, should be held to a standard that is high. Whenever there is a wreck, which results in sustained injuries or fatalities, a driver or the company should be held liable.

Naturally, not all crashes were the fault of the truck driver or the trucking company. However, many of them are liable, obviously. This should always be considered seriously.

Penske can protect its leasing company from liability when it leases trucks to other individuals or businesses.

Companies with plenty of clout, like Penske, have issues that are unique which must be considered before any litigation.

Penske, specifically, will have attorneys of experience who deal daily with personal injuries, and have years of experience and knowledge to defend the company against lawsuits of personal injuries.

Furthermore, the company has plenty of financial resources to stall and prolong litigation.

In reviewing this sort of information, it is conclusive that a common denominator exists for the blame of these accidents not solely to rest on those who lease vehicles, and the drivers.

If you are in pursuit of damages from individuals who may or may not be at fault, you will have little chance of success.

This is why a personal injury lawyer can evaluate all of the likely causes of your trucking accident to deem who may be at fault prior to seeking damages.

Sustained injuries in large truck accidents can be quite devastating. It is possible to be faced with an extensive time away from work, as well as overwhelming medical bills. However, you may even be the victim of a condition that can impact your life forever.

Reasonably, you may seek compensation which allows you recovery, and go about your life without the risk of falling behind on your expenses and bills.

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