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Medical Negligence Spinal Cord Injuries

Injuries to the spinal cord can normally leave a victim in excruciating pain with a lack of mobility, a loss of sensation, and challenges in taking a breath.

A fragile system comprised of a large bundle of nerves surrounded by vertebrae soft tissue and small bones is the spinal cord.

When the spinal column becomes compromised, with swelling or bleeding, the calamity can cause critical damage to the complex nervous system and the vertebrae.

The injury can often result in major disability, which could result in permanent or temporary quadriplegia or paraplegia.

Over 10,000 individuals each year sustain medical negligence spinal cord injuries.

While many of these happen in the workplace, from a vehicle collision, or a sports injury, many of these injuries are due to surgical mistakes, misdiagnosis, negligence, or mistakes by healthcare staff.

Emotionally, this can be taxing and overwhelming in dealing with life-altering medical negligence spinal cord injuries.

The punitive toll, in addition, on family members can every year, estimate to approximately hundreds of thousands of dollars in dealing with rehabilitation, additional surgeries, physical therapy, durable health-care equipment, and extensive home care.

Medical Malpractice Due to Negligence

Misdiagnosis or negligence by the healthcare staff can usually be the basis of many cases pertaining to medical malpractice.

An injury, typically, to the spinal column can result from an error by the physician in the treatment of a patient for another medical condition, such as:

The inadequate use of anesthesia can be the result of epidural hematoma in a patient suffering from issues in the spinal cord extensively.

Physicians in the emergency room, while treating a victim from a vehicle accident, can misdiagnose a back broken, and can cause permanent or catastrophic damage by improperly moving a patient.

Surgeons administering procedures on the spinal column of a patient have a legal responsibility to administer, with due care, the surgery.

The surgeon, in several situations, may become distracted, incorrectly position a patient, lack adequate training, or cause a mistake to leave the patient with a sustained injury.

If the injury is a result of partial or full paralysis, or another severe nerve condition, that individual has a legal right to seek a lawsuit for damages.

When a patient sustains catastrophic injuries due to neglect, physicians, healthcare providers, and nurses can be held liable legally as well.

Due to undiagnosed tumor or infection, the victim may sustain spinal cord injuries. Thus, the healthcare staff can be held liable for financial compensation.

An attorney can build a strong case using effective methods, strategies, and tactics, which may include the following: interview eyewitnesses; gather evidence; conduct an investigation on the background of the surgeon; review medical documents and procedural notes; and conduct a thorough consultation with various experts in medical negligence.

The victim, with an attorney, is less apt to accept an amount of low settlement prior to the realization of a full impact of the medical negligence spinal cord injuries.

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