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Hearing Loss Injury

Injuries in the ear can be painful and debilitating; over many years, they may result from one traumatic circumstance, or a number of smaller injuries sustained.

Conditions like tinnitus can cause victims to become insane as a result of hearing noises which may not be present, and hardly anything can be done to treat this condition.

Suffering from Tinnitus

Time and time again, airbags have proven to save a life. However, many are connected to a number of vehicle recalls because of concerns over an excess of deployment in malfunctions and speeds.

Statistics have revealed that an excess in deployment of the airbag can result in irreparable damage to the ears; many victims have suffered from hearing loss injury following the accidents, as well as tinnitus.

With the eardrums, initial damage can heal in a brief duration of time. However, it is damage to the inner ear and scar tissue, which may contribute to extended hearing loss, and hearing at high frequency.

Many individuals suffer from some type of tinnitus, in their lives, at some point.

It is a buzzing or ringing in the ear that happens despite any lack of a real sound, and is considered to be caused by inner ear nerve damage responsible for the transmission of pitch and sound to the brain.

Sufferers of tinnitus who have sustained injuries in vehicle collisions, or when there is a deployment of airbags unexpectedly may endure more critical symptoms.

The constant ringing or buzzing has been proven to lead some to take their lives, unfortunately, due to an inability to drown out the sound or escape, as it can take a toll on one’s sanity.

Approximately 17% of individuals involved in a collision from a deployed airbag can sustain some type of hearing loss that is permanent.

It can be more of a challenge to notice hearing loss that is progressive resulting from a repetition of injuries to an inner ear in the workplace because the loss of hearing is gradual; this can occur over years as opposed to in an instant.

Loud settings, such as factories or construction sites, are normally the cause of these sustained injuries. However, they can occur also when an employee strikes his or her head, or suffers a direct blow to the ear.

A physician can confirm whether or not an eardrum has been ruptured, or if an individual has sustained an injury to the inner ear, but scar tissue treatment is a challenge.

Inside the ear, it is scar tissue that is most usually connected with buzzing or ringing in the ears, and extensive hearing loss.

If you suffer from tinnitus or loss of hearing, and feel that your condition is caused by a sustained injury due to the workplace or a vehicle accident, personal injury attorneys can help determine what caused your hearing loss injury, and recover financial damages from at-fault parties held liable.

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