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Post-Traumatic Amnesia

While post traumatic amnesia is a condition which many may not be familiar with, it is a typical occurrence by individuals who become victims of an accident, that may cause trauma to the injured.

This condition normally refers in memory to a brief lapse, where the victim may not have the ability to recall any previous event, or that which is present, the accident, and immediately subsequent for some time.

There are times when this condition can result in major problems for the injured victim, when he or she is not able to remember crucial moments regarding the accident.

Settling out of court or going to trial can become a challenge when tackling a case pertaining to post traumatic amnesia due to a number of factors, such as: information that is specific regarding liability, cause, and various factors in relation to the accident is challenging or impossible to acquire; and jury members may become suspicious of an individual in his or her effort to recover financial damages, when he or she cannot recall the accident.

Although the causes of the condition is not always a direct indicator of brain damage, physicians and other medical providers may factor amnesia subsequent to a traumatic event into every aspect of a healthcare examination, procedures, treatments, and monitoring.

The majority of times, there will be indicators that are noticeable of injury to the brain when the victim displays memory recall issues, loss of sensation, loss of cognitive abilities, symptoms of hearing and visual, motor function problems, et al.

A healthcare professional, through proper assessment, can usually determine whether the victim injured is sustaining mild to severe traumatic brain injuries.

Medical physicians, often times, will ask the victim sustaining injuries a number of questions, and based on the response, make notations. The duration of time it takes for full recovery from a brain injury is usually based on a number of factors.

Rates of Recovery

Rates of recovery are usually dependent upon the following: The age of the individual with dramatic brain injuries; any past history of suffering damage to the brain; any family history that entail problems with mental health; a mental health problem detectable presence in the injured individual; The intellectual educational capacity of the injured individual; history of smoking, drug use, and/or alcohol; and whether the patient is taking prescription medications currently for depression.

The duration of time it takes for full recovery from a mild to severe traumatic brain injury can range from several minutes to many calendar months.

Those that suffer post traumatic amnesia as a result of an injury or accident through the negligence of other parties need to seek immediate legal counsel.

A quick hire of a skillful attorney who handles cases pertaining to these types of injuries can enable him or her sufficient time to gather information pertinent to the incident or accident before evidence becomes lost.

The attorneys can work on your behalf to pursue financial compensation from at-fault parties held liable.

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