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Back & Neck Injury Accidents

Back and neck injuries are among the most traumatic injuries sustained.

Personal injury attorneys represent regularly individuals who have suffered in back & neck injury accidents; victims have sustained injuries in their neck (cervical), mid-back (thoracic), or low-back (lumbar) spine.

Personal injury lawsuits include the following: trucking accidents; falls; bike accidents; vehicle accidents; motorcycle crashes; and construction accidents.

You or a family member may have sustained a back or neck injury; A company or individual may have caused the accident.

Depending on circumstances surrounding back & neck injury accidents, and injury sustained to the back of the victim may immediately become apparent subsequent to a collision; or it may even go undiagnosed until testing of diagnosis confirms the injury, like a CT or MRI.

Herniated discs are among the most commonly encountered injuries to the back and neck.

Many individuals sustain a herniated disc in traumatic events when excessive force is placed upon the disc (between vertebrae) and body, and loses alignment or may even burst.

A herniated disc, in several cases, with the spinal cord gets pushed into contact; this can result in numbness and pain to the legs or arms.

Damaged or herniated discs may require certain kinds of healthcare surgery or treatments to improve body functions and diminish pain:

Surgery normally administered to stabilize discs, which are the basis of pain in the patient’s body is spine fusion. The fusion may be performed to treat pain, or to offer stability, to prevent subsequent injury, for the back.

At any level in the thoracic, lumbar, or cervical spine, fusion may be administered.

The recovery from a spine fusion, generally, is long term, and may require physical therapy for months.

A procedure to remove part of the desk which rests between the vertebrae is discectomy. The herniated disc, in this kind of spine surgery, is removed to relieve pressure involving the nerves.

Foraminotomy is a procedure in surgery used to relieve pressure on the nerve that may be caused by disc injury or a herniated disc.

Surgeons administering this procedure can remove tissue and a portion of bone, which may compress the nerve upon it exiting the spinal column.

Spine Disc Replacement

A surgeon, in spine disc replacement, may use a bone from a cadaver, or from the patient, a harvested bone to treat precise kinds of back pain.

A laminectomy is a procedure administered, on the spinal cord, to relieve pressure. This is typically used to treat spinal stenosis, and other kinds of primarily degenerative conditions to the back, although at times, a laminectomy may be administered to trauma patients.

Laminectomies, at times, are administered in conjunction with fusion to assist in stabilizing the back when vast amounts of the bone are removed.

There are plenty back & neck injury accidents. Each injury is unique to each individual; thus, the majority of defense lawyers and insurance companies evaluate unfairly these types of cases. An individual is normally offered a mere fraction of the real value in cases pertaining to these kinds of injuries.

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