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Costs of a Spinal Cord Injury

Many of these types of accidents are preventable. Regarding a spinal cord injury, the cost-of-living can place vast financial pressure on many of these victims, and their loved ones.

Having an understanding of costs of a spinal cord injury, as well as subsequent continuing treatment over the lifetime of a patient, can be instrumental in the determination of the value of a lawsuit.

Securing sufficient money for a client is the objective; he or she should have the ability to afford the cost of treatment throughout the rest of his or her lifetime.

Spinal Cord Injury Types

With the likelihood of suffering critically, the level of paralysis can affect the level of care necessary in association with costs of a spinal cord injury.

Age can play a crucial role not only in the cost estimated over a lifetime, but the mortality rate of sustained injuries.

While there are various kinds of spinal cord injuries, there are three key classifications:

Tetraplegia and/or quadriplegia injuries can result in complete motor function loss from the neck right on down. These are the most expensive of spinal injuries because of an extensive amount of treatment required, and an inability of the individual to take care of most of the essential needs.

Victims of paraplegia in the upper bodies maintain motor function; often, they have the ability to care for the majority of their personal needs.

These victims become limited, due to an inability to move lower limbs, in the use of a wheelchair.

Several injuries to the spinal cord may result in partial paralysis, which through treatment, can be corrected. The partial paralysis, in other cases, may have an effect on the quality of life permanently of the victim.

When making an assessment of the value of a likely lawsuit, attorneys must first calculate the primary cost of the healthcare treatment and stay; the cost of care, then, can be affected as well once the patient goes back home.

Staying in a healthcare facility, in the average time, subsequent to spinal cord injury, is typically a dozen days; time spent in a center for physical therapy treatment, once discharged, is about 37 days.

The costs of a spinal cord injury can be quite exorbitant. This is why it is crucial to consult a personal injury attorney prior to accepting any offer of settlement from the third-party held liable for sustained injuries, or an insurance company.

These insurance companies are renowned for only looking out for their own interests, instead of yours; an attorney with respectable qualifications can ensure that you receive fair compensation, which can cover the cost of treatment throughout the rest of your life.

A work injury attorney can advise you of options for filing a legal case without obligation or cost on your behalf.

An esteemed attorney represents workers who sustained injuries of all types, which entail wrongful death, personal injury, and cases of worker’s compensation across the state.

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