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Anterior Cord Syndrome Injuries

A condition that is a result of inadequate flow of blood from the heart to the spinal cord (in the front) is anterior spinal cord syndrome.

This restriction of blood flow can result in spinal cord damage, and in most cases, there are very little means to repair or reverse the damage once it is complete.

Thus, personal injury attorneys can represent you if you are one of many who have sustained anterior cord syndrome injuries.

Whether the sustained injury resulted from a passenger vehicle collision, an act of negligence, or healthcare malpractice, you may be entitled to recover financial damages.

Anterior Cord Syndrome Causes and Symptoms

Trauma which results in aorta damage, which provides blood to the anterior cord, is considered a primary cause of anterior cord syndrome.

It has been known as well, however, during healthcare procedures where there is pressure placed on the chest of the patient, and when blood oxygen of the individual is not monitored properly within the operation.

A blow to the chest that is crushing, or fragments of the bone created within an accident, can account for most of these types of injuries.

Symptoms of anterior cord syndrome injuries can entail the following:

In the majority of cases, basic sense of touch can become unaffected; the victim may have the ability to feel and touch while not being able to detect if the object is cold or hot, and not able to sense from a pin prick any pain.

With weakness of the muscles from downward the point of injury, due to the spinal cord being a way for the brain to communicate with the body, spinal damage can ultimately have an effect on motor function.

Regarding complete or partial paralysis, no more than 15% of patients have a positive prognosis with anterior cord syndrome; the rest may require special care and become incurable for the remainder of their lives.

Continuing medical treatment and therapy can be quite costly. However, these expenses can usually be recovered via filing a claim if the sustained injury was caused by some form of malpractice or negligence.

Finding a skillful attorney who specializes in spinal cord injury is a crucial step to ensure that you receive compensation for medical treatment costs, suffering and pain, and lost wages.

Personal injury attorneys commit to represent a client’s best interest; the attorneys have a successful track record and ample experience in cases pertaining to anterior cord syndrome injuries.

A life-altering condition, anterior cord syndrome may result in your concerns about added financial burdens. However, an attorney can assist in your continuing therapy and healthcare.

Compensatory rewards are available to victims sustaining a spinal cord injury from circumstances, which are caused by a third party’s carelessness or negligence.

These may include accidents which happened in the workplace, at home, medical malpractice, in a vehicle accident, by falling or slipping on the property of another person, or any other type of mishap.

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