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Compression Fracture Back Injury

A cervical or lumbar compression fracture can occur, due to trauma, when the bones break in the lower spine.

Basically, this is known as a vertebral compression fracture. Normally, these kinds of fractures can possibly take extreme force, although not always.

With compression fracture back injury,
individuals who are elderly, and victims of cancer, can have this kind of fracture, with less impact, from accidents.

Approximately, every year in the United States,150,000 individuals suffer a spinal fracture. Essentially, this results in approximately 12,000 injuries in the spinal cord, and about 6,000 fatalities.

Lumbar Compression Fracture

To the spinal bones, if a fracture has occurred, several symptoms can arise.

Depending on the critical nature of the break, and whether these bones place pressure on the spinal cord and become displaced, symptoms can entail the following:

Typically in the lower back, the paint can occur. At times, however, it can be felt as well in the neck, dies, upper back, hips, and the abdominal region.

Generally, walking and standing can hurt even more, while down resting may lessen the pain.

Around the injury, the nerves may become affected. There can be tingling, weakness, or numbness in the legs or back.

The fracture can place pressure on the spinal cord, and impair the ability of an individual to have issues with bowel movements, or urinate.

If the fracture has an impact on the spinal cord, at times, there may be partial or permanent paralysis.

When a cervical or lumbar fracture happens from trauma, excruciating pain may start promptly, typically, subsequent to the incident as a result.

Medical treatment is necessary to diagnose compression fracture back injury before beginning treatment.

Spinal fractures can result in paralysis, and maybe even death. Fortunately, however, most are treatable. For procedures which do not require surgery, many of these kinds of fractures will heal within three months.

If surgery is a requirement, however, time of recovery can be within several months.

You can immediately contact a personal injury attorney with decades of experience in representing clients with significant compression fracture back injury conditions.

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