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Road Construction Zone Accidents

We may have become accustomed to seeing construction horses and cones parked alongside the roadways; however, drivers need to understand that despite any prevalence, road construction zone accidents can pose a hazard not only to motorists, but road construction crews as well.

Personal injury attorneys can represent employees and motorists injured in minor vehicle accidents on the road construction zones across the states.

Although these areas may be congested in nature, these crashes and collisions involve frequently significant injuries and multiple parties.

Nevertheless, many attorneys want to respect the state jurisdiction; attorneys commit to assist you and/or your loved one with a legal case to achieve maximum financial recovery entitled to you.

Primary factors involved in road construction zone accidents are driver inattentiveness and speed.

When drivers neglect to adhere to limited speed limits, or take notice of traffic flow redirected collisions that involve injuries can usually occur as any virtually nothing a motorist can do to prevent a collision impending in a work area that is congested.

To help improve any safety of passengers and drivers, a recent model driver manual has made the following suggestions:

Around you, watch the traffic and be prepared always to react by limiting your speed, obeying flaggers and signs, and increasing your subsequent distance.

You should not become oblivious to signs in the work zone when the work is widespread or extensive; be aware that patterns in traffic and work zones can alter every day including alternating lane closures or lane shifts.

Merge early if traffic is light and the speeds are quite high. If there is an increase in congestion, traffic slows down, and between cars gaps can close up, merge late, and the zipper method may even be utilized.

Extreme caution should be used when driving at night through a work soon, whether employees are present or not.

Your lane position should be adjusted away from the side where equipment and workers when possible are located.

Several work zones are moving and mobile, such as when the road is patching, mowing occurs, or when a line is painted.

Immediately, you may not see the workers once you see warning signs; however, that does not mean employees are not out there.

Until you see a sign that reads ‘End Road Work,’ observe the posted signs, expect delays, plan for these delays, and exit early to reach your destination promptly.

Avoid work zones all together, when you can, with the use of alternate routes.

Injuries to Employees During Road Construction

Every year, on job sites in road construction, the Highway Administration estimates that approximately 20,000 skilled employees sustain injuries.

Over the last half decade, over 100 employees have lost their lives during working on projects on the highway; this accounts for nearly 2% of all fatalities related to work.

In worker fatalities evaluated during highway construction accidents in projects with trucks, construction, and automobiles, machinery were major factors in sustained injury and fatality of the worker.

You may have been told something initially, but an attorney can discuss the occurrence of the incident; he or she will help you evaluate each circumstance to deem which at-fault party is held liable for negligence, and maybe responsible for road construction zone accidents.

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