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Carpenter Accident Injury

Making it one of the larger occupations, in the United States, there are more than 1 million individuals employed as carpenters.

About four out of ten carpenters are self-employed, either working independently as a contractor or owning his or her own business.

Of the individuals employed by others, most of them worked in the commercial or residential construction industries.

Carpenters have a vast assortment of skills; they are much more than pounding nails into wood. In fact, the majority of carpenters concentrate in a specific area, such as finishing or framing.

Types of Occupations for Carpenters

Carpenters work with various kinds of materials, and in an array of environments.

The industry of construction employs many carpenters, but other industries, as well, need the expertise of carpenters.

Several different kinds of carpenters are the following:

Individuals who work on remodeling and homebuilding are referred to as residential carpenters.

This is usually what individuals think of when they picture a carpenter. Residential carpenters may be involved within the home with building everything, from the walls and floor to the outside deck and cabinets.

Carpenters who may be responsible for commercial projects like hospitals, shopping centers, and schools usually work with other materials besides wood.

Commercial carpenters may work with steel in wall and frame construction, or molds for forms in cement.

Industrial carpenters are normally involved in many public works projects to assist in scaffolding, tunnel bracing, and building bridges.

These carpenters are specialized, and work with various ion large scale projects and materials.

A carpenter is normally involved in a variety of work; thus, there are various types of work hazards which they may be involved. This may result in a carpenter accident injury.

Many carpenters are employed in the construction industry. They share similar risks as many tradesmen who work on similar commercial or residential building sites.

In the construction field, falls result in the most deaths and injuries.

Table saws and nail guns are both typical power tools which result in injury to carpenters.

Recent research for disease control estimated that nearly 38,000 emergency visits are a result of nail guns annually.

In the construction industry, falling objects are among the top for hazards.

When carpenters work below others on a workplace site, they are at-risk for construction debris, following materials, and equipment.

Carpenters who are employed are normally covered under worker’s compensation for injuries. However, carpenters who are self-employed or work as contractors independently are in a position that is precarious when involved in a carpenter accident injury.

On themselves, if carpenters do not have worker’s compensation, they may sustain injuries without insurance to cover lost wages or medical bills.

In several circumstances, the entity or company which hired carpenters may be held liable for the sustained injuries, such as on a construction site a general contractor.

The majority of carpenters are self-employed; therefore, it is crucial to know your legal options if you were involved in a carpenter accident injury.

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