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Elevator Shaft Fall Injuries

By and large, falls remain the most typical cause of catastrophic injury and fatality to occur on construction sites; most of these accidents can be prevented.

More often than not, falls down elevator shafts result in critical and life-altering sustained injuries, which can rob a victim of quality of life. Thus, elevator shaft fall injuries are preventable.

The only way for safer construction environments to be promoted is to hold liable construction companies for negligent actions, and any failure of safety protocols to prioritize this implementation as proof to save lives.

Causes of Elevator Shaft Falls

Throughout construction sites with high-rises, elevator shafts are known to be hidden killers. This is due to the fact they are usually unmarked, and employees, unfortunately, do not pay much attention to them when fulfilling duties.

Likely causes of a fall within an elevator shaft entail the following:

Hazards on construction sites to alert workers must be marked to likely threats to one’s safety.

Any elevator shaft that is open should have posted markings nearby to warn workers of any hazard, so that he or she can avoid entering an elevator shaft in close proximity.

Installing guard rails or safety nets can prevent falls or save the lives of individuals who happen to slip into the open shaft.

A system for a personal fall arrest may also offer workers with the necessary protection to reduce the likelihood of injuries or prevent a fall.

Inadvertently, workers may walk backwards into an open shaft of an elevator if they assist others to move equipment or objects, and have their backs toward the hazard.

Construction sites usually exist where there are not too many addresses established. This can make it a challenge for emergency of services to send help and locate the site.

Every construction site needs to have in place an emergency plan, which will address how employees must respond when another worker sustains injuries, or how to make certain, in the presence of hazards, their own safety.

The majority of accidents involving elevator shaft fall injuries do not end well; workers who have fallen are either killed or critically injured, and maybe even maimed if they are fortunate enough to have survived.

The cost to pay for the treatment of a loved one who becomes paralyzed, has suffered extensive damage to the brain, or who must spend the remainder of his or her life in assisted care can be overwhelming.

Holding liable negligent employers for any cost of disregard for safety is normally the only way to create safer work environments for workers, and motivate others.

Workplace injury attorneys who specialize in elevator shaft fall injuries are experienced and highly qualified to represent anyone who has sustained injuries unduly because of irresponsible or reckless behavior of other parties.

Once attorneys have evaluated properly your elevator shaft file case, they will be able to answer any questions regarding the legal process, and advise you on how to proceed properly in pursuing compensation.

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