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Construction Accidents

In the United States, among the most hazardous jobs is working at a construction site.

Every year, construction accidents cause injuries or kill workers in the thousands.

In the United States, construction workers, in fact, account for 20% of fatalities in the workplace.

The construction site injuries happen when safety programs enacted by construction companies and safety engineers are non-existent or negligent.

The worker is always entitled to some type of compensation no matter the nature or cause of the construction injury.

An attorney who specializes in construction accidents can pursue with diligence these legal claims to make certain workers who sustained injuries are compensated for damages suffered.

When a worker on a construction site sustains injuries while working, in most instances, he or she cannot sue the employer for injuries work-related.

However, a third party could be held liable for negligence when a construction injury in the worksite occurs.

Workers Compensation Act

Through the WCA, or Workers Compensation Act, compensation in most states is available, even if the worker, due to his or her own careless nature, sustains injuries.

Medical expenses and weekly payments, as well as other benefits, are awarded to workers injured.

However, these are merely insufficient, too often, to cover the suffering and pain connected with construction accidents.

The basis of weekly payments are on the percentage of weekly earnings of the worker, and the critical nature of the disability, whether it is a total disability that is temporary, or partial disability that is permanent.

Medical expenses, also, cover only care treatments determined necessary, and injuries specifically work-related.

Regarding third party liability in construction accidents, certain circumstances assign the third party liability for construction injuries on the worksite.

Contractors, owners, equipment manufacturers and architects all can be held liable for these accidents emerging from inadequate measures of safety.

Along with all subcontractors, general contractors have the responsibility to offer adequate provisions of safety which make certain a worksite is deemed safe reasonably.

The contractors have the obligation to the following: coordinate job safety; on the site, warn of likely hazards; check to ensure all safety specifications are adhered to completely; and employ workers who while working opt to use caution.

Construction equipment manufacturers have the responsibility to maintain and design safe products.

Products of danger or with defects in a construction accident may be at-fault.

The likelihood of a personal injury is high, as with any other construction equipment on a worksite.

If the suitable measures of safety, however, are not utilized in the equipment production, there is a vast increase in the likelihood of injury sustained, or even death.

Equipment manufacturers can be held liable during the occurrence of an accident from one of these products.

Although construction worksites are hazardous places, by nature, your supervisors still has the responsibility to ensure safety for the employees. Should you sustain injuries, it doesn’t stipulate you don’t get a right to justice.

You may have sustained injuries in a construction accident, and desire to speak with a personal injury attorney about different legal options.

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