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Construction Equipment Accidents

Heavy equipment is necessary for construction of large projects, and new buildings.

Grading, excavating vast areas, deep drilling, lifting of heavy building materials and steel beams, surface refinishing, unloading and loading bulky objects, working with hot tar and pouring cement to pave parking lots and roads all require, to complete the job, using heavy machinery.

Operator error, unfortunately, along with poor maintained equipment or malfunctioning can cause construction equipment accidents, which can have critical consequences.

Accident victims need legal counsel of an attorney with knowledge and experience in construction accidents to make certain their legal rights are safeguarded.

Severe Consequences in Heavy Equipment Accidents

A variety of types of equipment and heavy machinery typically used in construction occur.

The sheer weight and substantial structure alone require operators who are trained properly, and to make certain the operation is safe, meticulous maintenance.

Construction equipment accidents will occur, even with optimal training and first-class maintenance.

Heavy equipment most typically involved in these accidents entail the following, as examples: crawler dozers; cranes; dump trucks; asphalt pavers; aerial lifts; rollers; spreaders; scrapers; skid steer loaders; wheel loaders; excavators; front end loaders; forklifts; bulldozers; large hydraulic tools; and backhoe loaders.

When faulty equipment or operator error causes accidents in construction, the consequences are usually catastrophic, if not fatal.

Collisions between vehicles and falling objects, heavy equipment, electrocution, getting hit by heavy objects, falls from equipment or large trucks, becoming crushed or wedged in between heavy objects, or being near or inside a piece of machinery overturned are only several examples of typical accidents with operators of heavy equipment.

Burns can also be caused by contact with electrical wires, toxic chemicals, and welding torches.

For individuals who become injured by construction accidents with heavy equipment, there are a number of sustained injuries which can occur.

Amputation of limbs, broken bones, fractured skulls, traumatic brain injury, and spinal cord injuries which can lead to permanent disability and paralysis, loss of hearing or eyesight, and disfiguring scars can severely affect the life and subsequent earning potential of the victim.

Injuries, at times, can be so catastrophic to internal systems and organs that the victims loses his or her life.

The recovery period, even when the injury is not deadly, is usually costly and lengthy to the individual and members of the family.

When an accident in construction occurs due to design flaws in equipment, defects in equipment manufacturing, inadequate safety warnings or improper maintenance, individuals should contact an esteemed construction accident lawyer who can pursue compensation successfully from the third party held liable.

Expensive intervention can result in injury of a worker with heavy equipment, such as prescription medicines, surgery, stays on hospital, cognitive and physical therapy, lost wages because of extensive recovery durations, and rehabilitative equipment.

A collection of compensation from parties held liable for an accident can assist the victims financially and physically.

A construction attorney with skills and experience will have the ability to deem the specific cause of the accident; therefore, identifying liable party.

Construction equipment accidents result from dilemmas with electrical wiring, load balancing and capacity, structural design or brakes via the equipment manufacturer.

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