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Airport Construction Accidents

Continuously, airports are in need of expansions and improvements to handle increasing volume of travelers, not to mention conforming to new standards of safety.

At airports, construction is absolutely prevalent that the FAA, or Federal Aviation Administration‘s Air Traffic Organization created in 2010 the Airport Construction Advisory Council; this is to reduce hazards which are a result of airport construction.

In addition to hazards to individuals employed in and using the airports,
The ongoing construction can result in sustained injuries, even deaths, for individuals involved in construction work. Airport construction accidents can be the result.

Virtually, airports are malls in the midst of vehicle and air passengers being converged; airports are not solely transportation hubs.

From additions to road and runway improvements and interior building remodels, construction of some kind is always being implemented.

Workers and contractors are involved in this type of activity who are attempting to perform their jobs in the midst of a busy airport.

Several of the typical airport construction work entails the following: interior remodels; new and improvements, building construction; runway changes, repairs, and additions; on entering and exiting roadways, road construction; and in relation to baggage terminals and escalators, construction on mechanical mechanisms.

All these projects in construction require employees not only to face the hazards during construction work which are usually present, the employees also implement the work while individuals in the thousands enter and depart from the airport.

The hazardous and stressful environment can result in airport construction accidents due to catastrophic, and even deadly injuries on the worksite.

Prevalent Construction Accidents

In airports, construction work can include various kinds of occupations including engineers, electricians, carpenters, general laborers, and machine operators.

Generally, the construction industry is a hazardous field of work, with nearly 800 employees, each year, fatally injured; this estimates to about 40% of workers sustaining illnesses or injuries each year on the job.

In the order of relevance, the most typical construction injury accidents reported are, as follows: caught in object; struck by object; struck against object; falls; and overexertion.

In various airports across the nation, construction workers constantly are exposed on the job to hazards, to face potential injury.

This is among the many fatalities and injuries, unfortunately, that can occur while being involved in construction projects in airports, namely if precautions of safety are not implemented.

Construction workers can become involved in airport construction accidents due to catastrophic injuries, which can lead to medical bills, lost time from work, and from suffering and pain, a loss of quality of life.

Generally, while workers are covered by worker's compensation, which can cover from construction injuries many expenses, there may be other routes to recover damages for sustained injuries from an accident at an airport construction site.

From the airport or even the construction company, in several cases, there may be instances of negligence; this may contribute to the sustained injury, and may be relevant legally in acquiring additional compensation for wrongful death or injuries.

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