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Steam & Hot Water Burn Accidents

In the United States, every year, individuals can experience hot water burns, and water scalding, as a result of a high setting of a hot water tank.

Approximately, unfortunately, 1/3 of burn victims 14 years of age and younger, and elderly individuals, or individuals with a disability can be affected by this.

Children, many times, can be lowered into a tub of bathwater which is way too hot, usually at a range of 140°F or higher.

With a temperature set way too high, it takes no more than five seconds for individuals to sustain critical third-degree burns from hot water.

At a rate of two times higher, children four years of age and younger have the greatest likelihood of sustaining injuries, which can lead to death, than those between five years of age and 14 years old.

Associated with a steam & hot water burn accident, one in four of scalding burns involve children.

Hot water can result in the number of death victims, or individuals injured that require a stay in the hospital, in comparison to other hot liquid burns.

Lower Settings of Hot Water Temperature

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission warns households to lower settings in water tank temperature to no more than 120°F.

Human skin, at this lower temperature, can still sustain a second-degree burn with heated water exposure.

For a second-degree burn, it can take eight minutes, however, and approximately 10 minutes to sustain a third-degree burn.

With this lower temperature, you can get out of the water prior to the intense burning, which can cause damage to skin and severe damage.

A lower setting of the hot water tank temperature is a less costly way to prevent a steam & hot water burn accident.

Anti-scald devices, by a professional plumber, with easy installation are now offered. These devices can illuminate or diminish scald injuries and hot water burns.

Nursing homes, hotels, gyms, apartments, workplaces, medical facilities, condominiums, and a variety of facilities, unfortunately, neglect to implement safety procedures, which can result in critical accidents.

The elderly, youth, the disabled, and members of the family need to be protected from severe injury, excruciating pain, and likely deaths due to scalding water.

Individuals injured in a shower, bathtub, or a hot tub usually have legal rights to file a lawsuit against parties held liable for negligence in offering water temperatures unsafe.

Individuals, many times, can be held liable legally, such as the plumbing contractor who installed the faucet, the manufacturer, and companies licensed to maintain plumbing lines, faucets, and the hot water tank.

Esteemed attorneys can help you recoup financial compensation, such as continuing medical expenses, lost wages from time away from work, damages to cover suffering in pain, and deaths associated with sustained injury.

An attorney will commit to protect rights of the injured individual and hold liable managers, contractors, property owners, supervisors, faucet manufacturers, and technicians for inaction or negligence.

A steam & hot water burn accident due to improper installation, service of mixing water heaters, valves, and faucets, and maintenance can file a legal claim or lawsuit.

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