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Sexual Abuse in Catholic Church

Worldwide, there has been vast media coverage of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church, which has been inflicted by clergy on young children.

After years of these horrific cover-ups by the Catholic Church, many of these tragic sexual abuse acts have been reported finally.

Therefore, it is not clear exactly how many young people were abused by men and women in positions of power within the Catholic Church.

This abuse was not in isolation, that is known. Accounts have been reported of sexual abuse at the hands of bishops, priests, and nuns all throughout the world.

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Presently, the notoriety of the sexual abuse scandal within the Catholic Church is recognized, but for decades, the sexual abuse was swept quietly under the rug by leaders of the church.

It wasn’t until about 35 years ago when a west coast Archdiocese was accused of child sexual abuse, a crime in which he plead guilty to subsequently, that the pedophiliac crimes became more thoroughly investigated.

In the south, there was another case of a Catholic priest charged with 11 counts of sexual molestation. This became news in the headlights, and more reports surfaced.

About 20 years ago, when a Roman Catholic diocese was reported to pay nearly $31 million in settlement to a dozen victims of a particular priest, people around the world suddenly became aware.

Victims in the thousands, since that episode, have bold told their stories of sexual abuse within the Catholic Church at the hands of staff.

The Horrific Account of Catholic Church Sexual Abuse

What is even more problematic is that many cases of sexual abuse are not reported to the public; there is a multitude of victims who still remain undoubtedly silent.

Many victims have yet to come forward. There is still a public outcry on the sexual abuse perpetrated by clergy, and other Catholic church staff members.

Sufferers in silence due to childhood sexual abuse are gradually learning, after years of torment, that they don’t have to stand alone. The injustice of what was inflicted upon them as innocent children should be punished, if they want this cycle of abuse to come to a close.

It is their bravery to come forward after being traumatized at the hands of Catholic church priests or other staff members that can have the largest impact to end this abuse of children.

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