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School Sexual Abuse

It is always a shock to view reports on the news regarding a teacher, administrator, or school counselor being accused of molesting a student, but it can be namely incredulous when we imagine the dilemma happening to our own offspring.

You should immediately contact an attorney to conduct a complete investigation if your child becomes a victim of school sexual abuse, and to pursue any justice entitled to you and your child.

School Sexual Abuse Rates

When you consider the shame and fear which deters children from reporting to authorities and parents the school sexual abuse, it can be shocking to know there is an annual report of about 80,000 cases.

Meaning that many more cases are out there to have been unreported due to victims feeling afraid or ashamed to report their sexual abuse.

It is crucial to be aware of what is typically considered sexual abuse, because it doesn’t always stipulate an act that is entirely physical.

Several actions which can be sexual abuse are the following: 

Sexual comments uttered by an administrator, teacher, coach, or counselor that are inappropriate.

Comments can range from come ons that are subtle, to harassment that’s blatant.

An exposure of students to images of pornography, or an attempt to take pictures of nude students.

While students are showering or changing following sports practice or before or after gym class, spying on them.

Making contact sexually with students, or having relations with them, no matter if the student consented to the sex or not.

Grabbing, groping, forced intercourse or any other sexual assault.

Students being blackmailed with the use of threats to coerce them to perform sexual acts, or behave in a manner that is inappropriate.

Sexual abuse personal injury attorneys are aware not all victims of school sexual abuse come boldly forward. In several instances, the student may even be willing to behave inappropriately.

Naturally, this doesn’t make it legal or more appropriate.

However, there are ways a parent can detect signs of sexual abuse. That way, you can launch a full investigation to expose evidence of misconduct, and seek necessary justice from any party harming your child.

Some signs to consider are the following: physical marks on your child’s body; inappropriate and suspicious text messages; outside of school hours, phone calls which may seem inappropriate; direct accusations of sexual abuse; and sudden changes in behavior and withdrawal from activities.

Against the offender, in addition to a file of criminal charges, you may seek to hold liable the school for neglecting to take the required measures to prevent and detect school sexual abuse. 

Contact an attorney immediately if the child is the victim of this kind of sexual abuse. You can find out about available legal options during a consultation.

In pursuing full compensation entitled to you, you can help schools become more responsible in future measures to prevent similar court judgments.

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